Rio-based singer Luciane Dom releases her first music video for the song “Seu Bem”; artist explores the black aesthetic as dancers act out a relationship



Note from BW of Brazil: It’s always a pleasure to bring exciting  artists to our audiences, be they singers, actresses, graffiti artists, etc. Today we bring you the warm sounds of Rio-based singer Luciane Dom. Her song, “Seu Bem” carries on the great tradition of Bossa Nova/Samba-inflected Brazilian Popular Music, but what really caught the eye of this writer was the wonderful music video in which two dancers act out a phase of relationship. As representation is one of the major issues that is regularly discussed on this blog, it’s wonderful to see a black man and a black woman taking center stage as protagonists in the video. It’s a rarity in MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) and as Luciane expresses a desire to explore the appreciation of the black aesthetic, we hope to see more productions from her with this objective in mind!

Check out the story below discussing Dom’s beginnings and entry into the music business, as well some great photos, songs and music below. Enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the article!

Singer Luciane Dom

Luciane Dom is a singer who smoothly explores everything that touches her soul. Here she shares her everyday life in music.

Courtesy of Artist Trove

Her passion for music began as a child when the 12-year-old began studying popular music. At the same time she began to study keyboard in Paraíba do Sul (Rio de Janeiro state), her hometown.

Luciane Dom in the video for her song ““Seu Bem”

She has won several awards such as “Melhor Intérprete” (Best Performer) and “Melhor Música” (Best Song) from 2005 to 2008, when she participated in the Festival da Canção (Song Festival) promoted by SESC/Três Rios. Her first experiences in popular music composition began in this period.

In 2009, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she began studying history at UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro), where she began her immersion in a professional music environment. She performed several shows in theaters and concert halls throughout the state.

Scene from the video “Seu Bem”

She performed as background vocal with A Quebrada, a band born on the hill in Dona Marta, participated in the concerts of (soul singer) Sandra de Sá, (singer/actress) Thalma de Freitas, Márcio Local, MC Marechal, Gabriel Moura and others. This besides working for several composers, also as background vocalist.

In early 2015 she partnered with composer and singer Mombaça, as a member of Samba Trançado, a musical group that did shows during Carnival. Currently, together with some musicians she’s releasing a more swinging universe with aspects of Soul.

Still from the “Seu Bem” video

In less than 24 hours, almost 1,000 views on YouTube. Well, I’m an independent artist, I have no producers (I have friends who help me), I am one of those girls with renewed faith today. This beautiful video was the result of hard work and commitment, sleepless nights, anxiety, crying. There were times when I thought it wouldn’t be possible, I thought about quitting days before recording, but there were people who had to take my hand and say: “let’s go”, and today I’m here for you all. Thanks for the hundreds of messages (I will respond one by one), thank you for the shares, you are essential. This is for you all! Continue sharing this idea, inviting to my page on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram … My production is you! From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful. #SeuBem is here for the world!

Tonight the #SeuBem video is out and I want to introduce you to the one responsible for the beautiful arrangement that you will hear in the clip! Hear a little about the instrumentalist and arranger, AfroJazz bassist, Rodrigo Ferrera. On the others involved in the clip, I will leave you in suspense, but the team is heavy! See you later! : D

Luciane Dom releases video for “Seu Bem”

Courtesy of Boa Diversão

Singer Luciane Dom

First video of her career clip will be broadcast on the artist’s fan page

Singer Luciane Dom released “Seu Bem”, the first video of her career, on Wednesday, April 27. The production is a Brazil-Canada partnership (TropicalZero), directed by Elton Luz, was broadcast on the artist’s Facebook page/lucianedom at 7pm.

The track, written by Luciane herself, is portrayed in the clip in plane sequence in contemporary dance language, translating a look of affection and identity. The track will be available for streaming shortly after the release of the clip.

She is also one of the singers of the Tchotchomeri musical project, and currently explores the appreciation of the black aesthetic, cultural issues and bringing these discourses to light through her songs.

Luciane Dom – “Seu Bem”

Diretor: Elton Luz
Assistant Director: Jonatas Goulart
Lighting: Felipe Drehmer
Dancers: Dilo Paulo e Silvia Patrícia
Musicians: Davidson Ilarindo, Kadu Evans, Jorge Serpa e Leila Coelho.
Thanks: Gisa Pithan, Letícia Dom, Mary Barbosa, Camilla Pellegrine.

Song  written by Luciane Dom, Arrangement by Rodrigo Ferrera.

Luciane Dom and Grupo Nó na Madeira

SourceBoa Diversão, Artist Trove

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