Release of Kultafro: Network of entrepreneurs supports initiatives that promote black culture in in São Paulo

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The Funarte (Fundação Nacional de Artes – National Arts Foundation) will receive on September 19 the launch of Kultafro, a network of entrepreneurs, artists and producers of black culture in the state of São Paulo. The goal of the initiative is to assist initiatives in the area and work to expand the role of these artists and producers in the cultural market.

The event will mark the beginning of the operation of the project’s site, which will also serve as a showcase for the exhibition of the productions of black culture in São Paulo. The project aims to benefit artists, entrepreneurs and cultural producers in the genre of audiovisual acting in areas such as music, theater, communication, fine arts, dance and literature.

Kultafro is a platform that develops programs that enhance the economic sustainability of this segment, mapping out projects and initiatives for the development of cultural business. It also aims to be a source of these joint initiatives within Brazilian society as a whole, acting as a bridge to recovery of diversity. Kultafro has as its basic premise, entrepreneurship and creation of products and services from black culture with a degree of excellence and professionalism with an eye toward strategic information exchange. Kultafro also creates strategies to enhance the performance of professionals and works as a showcase of black artistic production in the São Paulo cultural market, which continues to be poorly disseminated to the entire population of São Paulo.

Kultafro has the support of Funarte, of the program of support to Afro Descendants of the Cultural Center of Spain, the Palmares Cultural Foundation, the Feira Preta Institute, the Baobá  Fund for Racial Equity and CONE (Coordination of Affairs of Black People).

Source: Catraca Livre, Claudinha Alexandre

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