Rapper Karol Conka sounds off on boy band’s controversial statement about black hair: “I spent my whole life being called names”

Rapper Carol Konka sounded off on the controversial statement by singer
Rapper Carol Konka sounded off on the controversial statement by singer

Note from BW of Brazil: Strong reactions came from every direction after the member of a boy band made a statement about what many interpreted as an insult to black hair texture. As pejorative comments about afro-textured hair is one of the most common forms of racial insults in Brazil, it’s easy to understand the sensitive nature of the comment and why the reaction was so swift and strong. Popular rapper Karol Conka was also offended by the comment and recently spoke of her own experiences being the victim of cruel comments because of her hair. 

Karol Conka speaks on the case of racism involving boy band Fly: “I spent my whole life being called names”

By Pedro Rocha

Karol Conka put her mouth on the whistle on social networks to comment on the confusion surrounding the boy band Fly and allegations of racism.

As you may have heard, between Sunday and Monday (the 4th and 5th), the comment from one of the members of the band Fly, Caíque Gama, about braids in Atrevida magazine, in which he said “for whoever has bad hair they’re a salvation” went viral.

It came out bad and the whole internet came down on him, with Karol being one who most criticized Caíque’s comment on social networks.

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“First, when I read it, I was shocked, then sad to see that a generation of teenagers who buy the magazine, as I have done for years, see themselves in what’s being divulged.

When the boy said ‘for those who HAVE bad hair’, it becomes clear that he refers to those who have cabelo crespo (kinky/curly hair) because he used the word ‘have’. In no time did he say ‘for whoever wakes with hair on a bad day.’ And then another boy tells how a girl should act (referring to bikini pictures). I got mad as hell,” Karol said in our chat.

The singer told the Papelpop that she didn’t know the band Fly before this episode and decided to comment on the case not as a personal attack, but as a way to combat a social problem that affects minorities for a long time in this country, since the episode brought to the fore memories of extremely unpleasant personal experiences of her childhood:

“All that the oppressor wants is that the oppressed keep quiet. When this doesn’t happen, they say it’s victimhood. I speak out, I know that I’m right. I spent my whole life being called names, Brazil well knows what the jokes are, enough!


People need to learn to respect others, to position themselves. An artist can help educate a teenager who goes through trauma and low self-esteem. A misplaced article in a teen magazine can generate a mental confusion in a little girl…I know what I’m saying; I was a little girl and a reader of the magazine.”

The episode ended up bringing out some other ancient Caíque comments on social networks, with offenses not only to blacks but also gays, for example. As a result, many Internet users have started a wave of cyberattacks against the singer, who blocked their accounts on these social networks.

However, for Karol, doing this and just apologizing is no use. She believes that today there is no way to hide or erase what one says and does.

“The Internet gives the possibility of knowing the past, people appear from beyond the truths. Every action generates a reaction. When one falters ugly in this way, the thing is looking to learn from mistakes. Saying sorry doesn’t help, at least not for me. In this case, the apology served to end the subject.

And this matter will never end as long as misguided people think it’ll come to nothing. Brazil needs to learn to respect differences. My advice is to be careful when they talk about people, women, gays, blacks and poor. I believe that we are the majority in this country, and a majority buying magazines and CDs.”

Karol’s criticism finished by sharing a act on the part of her fans. The post in which she published an illustration of her “kicking” the members of Fly had, in their comments, several girls sharing pictures of their various types of hair.

"If the band calls itself 'Fly', then fly far away from here" - Courtesy of Vini O.
“If the band calls itself ‘Fly’, then fly far away from here”

“I almost cried when I saw them! I found it very cute! It’s something that years ago would have not happened and the internet helps to show that we are not alone!”

But as we were talking to Karol, we couldn’t help talking of good things and asking for news on her career.

The singer was today announced as one of Lollapalooza 2016 attractions and she tells us that we should soon have news of her career. “I will release a new single in an instant! (laughs),” she limited herself to saying, creating mystery.

Source: Papel Pop

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