Racism in northeastern hospital: mother says security guard called her son “rotten black” and kicked him

Mother denounces an alleged case of racism
Mother denounces an alleged case of racism

Note from BW of Brazil: What else can be said here except, as incidents like this happen everyday somewhere in Brazil, who can honestly still believe in the idea of a “racial democracy”?

RACISM: The complaint was made ​​by the mother of the young man; she states that she saw the security kick and curse at her son in a hospital.

A woman who requested anonymity complained that she was attacked along with her son by a security guard at the Mariano Castelo Branco Hospital, in Santa Maria da Codipi, in the northern zone of Teresina (capital of the northeastern state of Piauí). She says the officer kicked the boy and called him a “negro podre (rotten black).”

Santa Maria da Codipi Hospital
Mariano Castelo Branco Hospital

“We got there on Sunday (10) for emergency care. The security guard started calling my son ‘negro podre (rotten black)’ and saying that if my son didn’t leave he would grab him. Then we walked away. Later I went to a store nearby and when I returned the security was attacking him and kicked him twice in his chest,” said the housewife.

The woman added that after trying to defend her son from the aggressions of the security guard she ended up getting pushed. “I fell and I’m here today all scarred up. Yesterday I had to go there again with my son for consultation and the security guard threatened us again,” she narrated.

Hospital director Juracilia Jericó revealed an investigation into the security guard's actions
Hospital director Juracilia Jericó revealed an investigation into the security guard’s actions

The director of the Mariano Castelo Branco Hospital, Juracília Jericó, confirmed that she was aware of the case and an administrative proceeding to investigate allegations against the security guard have been initiated.

The manager also admitted the tense atmosphere in the emergency room, but argued that the hospital is undergoing improvements. “We have already updated the reception area and the backroom, and increased the number of primary care physicians so that the population can be better cared for,” she added.

Source: Cidade Verde

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