Clad in lingerie, dancer/model/actress Quitéria Chagas struts through the Rio neighborhood of Madureira (part 2)

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  1. if no rainha has ever done this before then it goes back to the overfornicative view towards black women, if this is common for the showcase women to do then I am glad she had a good time. But, if anyone has problems with this, we must question the Black owned and operated Samba schools. How many Black owned and operated samba schools exists?

  2. Centralharlemite: This is a good question on ownership. When we find stats of this we will make this report. I hear many Afro-Brazilians discuss white ownership of black cultural productions and they often speak of ownership of Samba schools also. Carla: I would say simply publicity. It's November and Carnaval season is only a few months away. If there were no cameras it would be more difficult to respond but these are professional shots and posted on a major website, so it looks like pure publicity to me.

  3. obrigado pela apresentaçao da lingerie em Madureira, meu bairro. Embora, não esteja essa flor de subúrbio, sabendo onde haverão dezenas de takes que identificarão o bairro, sem dúvidas e de uma maneira bonita, sem ser escrachado. Valeu.

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