Camila Silva is chosen "Queen of the Drumbeat" in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Samba Schools for Carnaval: see photo gallery

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Association confirmed the presence of the model, who is also queen of Vai-Vai in the São Paulo Carnival.

The Mocidade Independente of Padre Miguel Samba School confirmed Camila Silva in the post of “Queen of the Drumbeat” for Carnival 2013. She is also “Queen of Drumbeat” (1) of the Vai-Vai samba school in São Paulo. The association confirmed Camila as their selection after considering model/actress/TV host Adriane Galisteu for the post.

“Camila Silva will fill the avenue with charm and joy in Mocidade’s parade. The new ‘Queen of the Drumbeat’ should be presented to the community next week,” the samba school said in a statement last month.
“I’m very honored. Mocidade never had a black and unknown queen. It was always been just for a celebrity. For me, it’s going to be difficult, but it’s a privilege,” said Camila to the column “Diário da Fama”, in the Diário de S. Paulo journal. “I’ve never run over anyone to get things done. I’ve heard plenty of ‘nos’ and I didn’t give up,” she said.

In 2012, the Samba School had the actress Antonia Fontenelle as the “Queen of the Drumbeat”.

See more of Camila here.

Source: Revista Quem

1. The website Brazil Carnaval describes “Queen of the Drumbeat” or “Drum Queen” this way: “Carnaval Drum Queens are essentially muses that parade in a highlighted fashion, in front of every Drum Section within a samba-school in Brazil´s Carnaval….The Rainhas de Bateria (or Queen of the Drumbeat/Drum Queen) are at the top of the social status chain (for women)  within Brazil´s Carnaval and are responsible for “opening and welcoming” the percussionists of the drums section in every major samba school in Brazil.  The post is extremely sought after and sparks lively competition within possible candidates….Apart from being young and marvelous, the Rainhas de Bateria also have to be very photogenic, as to attract as much attention as possible by specialized media and general public. Carnaval Drum Queens are photographed all year long, and this media interest and exposure adds popularity and glamour to the final showing of the samba school during the official parade.   Within all attributes, charisma is probably the most important one.”

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