Psychoanalyst insults black woman in Brasilia; says she should be in Africa taking care of orangutans


Police have identified the psychiatrist that insulted a black woman in a movie theater in Brasília

The verbal assault occurred when the cinema ticket vender tried to stop the doctor from taking cuts in the ticket line. He is a repeat offender and will be charged with defamatory libel.
The Civil Police are investigating a denouncement of racial discrimination in a shopping center in the Asa Norte area of Brasília, the nation’s capital. They have already identified the physician who offended a black employee in a movie theater. On Wednesday (2), the police summoned the man to give testimony and to charge him for discriminatory libel.
Marina Serafim dos ReisMarina Serafim dos Reis speaks to SBT reporter

The man was not immediately identified after officials took testimonies from witnesses. Later, authorities reviewed images taken from the shopping center’s surveillance camera which show the psychoanalyst Heverton Otacílio de Campos Menezes running from the scene. He fled after witnesses on the scene called him racist and signaled to security to arrest him. Security pursued him but Menezes managed to get away in his car.

Heverton Otacílio de Campos Menezes: accused of insulting black movie clerk
It all began when the man caused confusion after having arrived late to the theater and wanting to buy tickets to see the film Habemus Papam. The insults began when the clerk told him that he would have to wait. The clerk, Marina Seraphim dos Reis, was offended when she tried to prevent the doctor taking cuts in the ticket line. “He said I was very rude and that it for this reason that I had this color. That I was in the wrong place, that there was not my place and that I shouldn’t be dealing with people, that I should be dealing with animals. He also said I should not be living here; I should be living in Africa taking care of orangutans,” Marina said.
Marina Serafim dos Reis details her experience to Bandeirantes TV
Marina filed a complaint and identified the perpetrator. She says she had never experienced such humiliation: “At the time I was very nervous and even cried. I got very upset and felt what he said. I felt like trash.”
Heverton, who is an endocrinologist and serves as a psychoanalyst, is a repeat offender. There was previously a complaint of aggression made against him by another black woman, who worked as poll clerk during the 2002 elections. According to the woman, after a discussion, also because of the line, Heverton said that she represented a banana republic and called her “neguinha”, or little blackie.
Police chief Ainton Rodrigues de Oliveira
After the movie clerk identified him, police chief Ainton Rodrigues de Oliveira said that the doctor should now be charged with defamatory libel. “Racism is every act of segregation: a school that only accepts the enrollment of white children, for example. Discriminatory injury is a felony because the sentence equates to an involuntary manslaughter, which also provides a penalty of three years imprisonment.”
The video below shows the psychoanalyst escaping the scene along with statements from the movie clerk and the police chief. 
Source: Brasil 247
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