Protest against racism in hospital in state of Goiás; social service assistant was routinely harassed by doctors because of her hair

protesto contra racismo em hospital de goic3a2nia 3
protesto contra racismo em hospital de goic3a2nia 3
Elaine de Moura Correia was the victim of constant jokes at the hands of doctors because of her hair
Elaine de Moura Correia was the victim of constant jokes at the hands of doctors because of her hair

Note from BW of Brazil: Nothing really new to report here. Just another example of Brazil’s everyday rejection of characteristics that denote African ancestry. What is different is that, as we have shown in several other reports, more and more Afro-Brazilians are standing together against such dehumanizing treatment in protests, social media and lawsuits as they increasingly accept the physical characteristics they were born with!

Protest against racism in hospital in Goiânia

By Janda Nayara

Protest - Signs: "We are all Elaine"; "We're in a battle against oppression, black hair making a revolution"; "My hair isn't bad; bad is your racism"; "Racists won't pass by"
Protest – Signs: “We are all Elaine”; “We’re in a battle against oppression, black hair making a revolution”; “My hair isn’t bad; bad is your racism”; “Racists won’t pass by”

About 20 women and men of the Movimento Negro (black movement) met this afternoon in front of the Hospital das Clínicas (HC) of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) to promote an act against the discrimination suffered by the assistant of the social service unit, Elaine Moura Correa, 27. A hospital doctor asked her if it took an electric shock before leaving home, because of her afro hair. To this particular joke, Elaine calmly responded that she doesn’t get shocked exactly because she doesn’t use any hair straightening techniques.

Map of state of Goiás in pink
Map of state of Goiás in pink

The act was not isolated. According to Elaine, the discriminatory jokes were constant and they came to even offering straightening creams for her. “I came to be sick, I felt persecuted and humiliated because I decided to assume my cabelo crespo (curly/kinky hair), which they referred to as bad or rebellious,” she says. Due to psychological problems, Elaine stopped working for a month before deciding to denounce this treatment.

Protesto contra racismo em hospital de Goiânia (4)

For the president of the Conselho Estadual de Igualdade Racial (State Council of Racial Equality), the historian Janira Sodré, besides seeking support from the institution, the presence of young people and adults of the Movimento Negro and posters with phrases like “O meu cabelo não ruim. Ruim é o seu preconceito” (My hair not bad. Bad is your prejudice,) also sought to touch those passing by the location and who can reproduce racist attitudes consciously or unconsciously. “The natural hair is identity and the pressure of the cosmetic industry and of society so that black women straighten their hair is a way of wanting that they deny their roots.”

The general director of HC, José Garcia Neto, said he will take appropriate administrative actions, publish a notice of repudiation in the establishment website and promote acts of consciousness-raising. “This fact has only come to the attention of directors now, but if it had come earlier, we would have taken administrative actions, besides the contrary manifestation. We are against any aggressive and discriminatory act, be it of a racial, psychological or sexual nature.”

Source: O Popular, R7


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  1. This BS is not restricted to Brazil. I often got the brillo pad jokes as a child, but that was mostly as a young child (under 12) and that shows you where this comes from; the parents.

    One way to force a change in behavior even if that’s not what they truly feel is to fine them excessively.The one thing that those of Caucasian decent understand is economics; they have an economic advantage and don’t want to lose that advantage.

    So if make a discriminatory judgement or make tasteless comments based on one’s racial background, then they should pay up accordingly.

    If there’s a history of this type of behavior then the parents should haven’t their children removed for a period of time. There is no place for this sort of thing in a civil society and this isn’t about free speech, you cannot randomly yell “Fire” in a crowded room, you will get arrested if that’s proven to be a false alarm.

    It’s time for Blacks in Brazil to take the next legal step with your current laws against racism and make this motherfuckers pay with their wallets and make them poor and have to live among the people they make fun of or can’t stand as punishment.

  2. I think here hair looks really cute. The whole thing is just racist and stupid. If her hair was not getting in the way of doing her job, it is none of their business how she wears it. That a doctor would make a joke about electric shock and her hair, is not just prejudiced, but unprofessional.

  3. In a hospital of all places. If they can find genetic traits funny and a laughing matter I would not trust them with my health. Interesting how they would not make fun of ppl with green eyes, bald spots, or red hair, but black hair is suitable as a source of humour.

    Good for the protestors, they are small in numbers, but at least they are making their voices heard. Embarrass their asses and let ppl know that only dumb unschooled doctors work at that hospital..Idiots!

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