Prostitutes in the city of Belo Horizonte learn English and Spanish with an eye toward the World Cup

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Courses of English and Spanish are being offered free to sex workers

It seems like everybody wants to get a sip from the coming World Cup! Those of you who frequently follow the blog will remember a story we did months ago about the Miss Prostitute contest put together by the Prostitute Association of the city of Belo Horizonte. Well, they’re back! The association’s president was recently barraged by inquiries from the working girls about how they could best “serve” the needs of clients if they couldn’t understand what they wanted. So….

Prostitutes of Belo Horizonte promise not to disappoint in serving tourists during the World Cup in 2014. The sex workers are organizing themselves to learn English and Spanish and facilitate communication with customers.

About 30 professionals sought the Association of Prostitutes of Minas Gerais wanting to know if there were courses available. The expectation now is that 300 women are attending classes, according Cida Vieira, president of the association.

Prostitute association president Cida Vieira

“We need to have dialogue. Not all girls are capacitated for service in other languages. Because of this, some sought the association with this concern: how to talk to tourists. How are these women going to converse, to know what tourists want?”

The courses will be offered free by Senac (1). The manager Carolina Vieira examined the importance of learning a new language to provide better services.

“The market needs to prepare so we can serve our tourists with quality. The demand that comes from the Cup leaves a legacy, since most tourists end up returning if they feel well served.”
A little about Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, minas gerais
Belo Horizonte (dot), Minas Gerais (orange)

Although cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza and Salvador seem to be more well-known to tourists, Belo Horizonte is also a very important city in Brazil. According to the latest figures, Belo Horizonte is Brazil’s 6th largest city with just under 2.5 million inhabitants and is the 3rd largest metropolitan area with just under 5.5 million residents.


The city of Belo Horizonte which means “beautiful horizon”

The city also has Brazil’s 5th largest economy which is tracked according to PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) output. Belo Horizonte is often referred to as “BH”, which is pronounced “Bay-Agah” in Portuguese. The city is one of 12 Brazilian cities that will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


1. SENAC (Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial or National Service of Commercial Learning) is a Brazilian institute of porfessional education open to the public. It’s mission is to develop people and organizations for the world of work with educational actions and dissiminated knowledge in Commerce of Goods and Services. Source: Wiki
Source: R7 Notícias

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