Property owner refuses to rent apartment to singer Ellen Oléria and her female partner

Proprietário se recusa a alugar apartamento para Ellen Oléria
Ellen and her partner stroll through a shopping mall

Note from BW of Brazil: The question of discrimination according to sexual orientation is also a struggle in Brazil. Recently, the singer/musician Ellen Oléria, who won a top-rated reality TV talent competition, was denied an apartment in an upscale area of the nation’s capital city of Brasília. Here is how a gay/bisexual oriented entertainment website reported the story. 

Singer from the nation’s capital ranted about the incident in a social network.

On her Facebook page, singer Ellen Oléria, winner of The Voice Brazil 2012 reality talent show, wrote how she planned to rent an apartment in a upscale area of Brasília.

According to the singer, the apartment had a huge ALUGA-SE (FOR RENT) sign on display.

During a visit with her partner, the owner looked at the two with an ‘inquisitive look’ and questioned her in a doubtful manner: “It will be in whose name?” “In my name”, replied the singer.

Also according posting, the owner asked: “And how will you pay? Do you have a problem of income?”

Ellen said she would pay with cash, “I will bring you the necessary papers in any dispute like this to prove whatever you need to know about me.”

Twenty-one hours after the initial contact, he denied even looking at documents claiming that the property was already occupied.

Ellen ended her post asking her fans a question to your fans: “How (what) do you call this?”

Source: Gay1 Entretenimento LGBT

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