Priest in northern Brazil refuses to marry couple because of the volume of the groom’s “excitement”

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Note from BW of Brazil: OK, so the blog normally covers much more serious topics, but every now and then you have to take time out for a laugh or two. Now for the couple in this story who spent money on their wedding it may not be very funny. But really? The priest stopped the wedding because he noticed the groom got a little too “excited” thinking about his wife to be?!?!?

A priest left a bride and groom and all the guests in a church in (the city of) Plácido de Castro, (state of) Acre, perplexed.

The state of Acre in the southwest region of northern Brazil
The state of Acre in the southwest region of northern Brazil

Father Avelino Dalcantara refused to continue a marriage ceremony when he observed that the groom was visibly excited at the sacred altar. The fact, more than absurd, happened in the parish church of the Santíssima Trindade, under the curious gaze of 100 guests.

The worst thing is that the groom, Carlos Teixeira Coelho, 19, confirmed that he really had a “barraca armada (tent pole or trouser tent)”. He justified the crime saying that he had been dating the bride-to-be for two years without any sexual relationship. In other words, while everyone was thrilled with the union, he was counting down to the wedding night.


Unmoved, the priest told the local newspaper that it was impossible not to notice the volume of the excitement of the young man. “He didn’t have his mind on the celebration. I cannot give blessing to a couple who instead of thinking in the grace of the Lord he is imagining the grace  he will be doing after the celebration,” he said.

Angry, the groom repudiated the priest’s attitude: “if the priest was looking at my member it must be because he likes to tomar na caneca (take it in the cup), complained Carlos.

The bride, Ana Paula Oliveira, 18, a singer in the ministry of the parish, didn’t hide her embarrassment. “And a lot of sadness. I spend my whole life singing at the wedding of others and in mine I am humiliated because of faggotry,” she said tearfully.

As it was no use complaining to the Bishop, the couple said they are going to seek justice in court courts. They seek justice in compensation for moral damages and also want financial compensation for losses due to the undone wedding.

Source: Portal Atualizando

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