Photo shows Military Police in Ceará, Brazil, spray painting a young man’s face black

Photo show boy with spray-painted face and his hands on his head
Photo show boy with spray-painted face and his hands on his head

Note from BW of Brazil: Police violence and disrespect of the Brazilian population, particularly poor, black youth, has been a regularly explored topic on the blog. Here is yet another blatant act of disrespect. When does it end?

Military Police of Ceará appears in photo spraying a teen’s face black

by G1 CE

Photos show boys with spray-painted his face with his hands on his head.

Military police say they will review the case and decide whether to denounce police.

The image of two policemen in the state Ceará (northeast Brazil) spraying the face of two teenagers circulated on social networking on Monday (December 9). In the photos, two teenagers with their faces sprayed black with their hands over their heads. The image also shows part of the uniform of a Ronda do Quarteirão (1) officer holding a spray can.

The image was posted in a tone critical of police. Last week, an internet video showed Military Police humiliating two children in Ceará. The public relations rep of the Military Police in Ceara, Colonel Fernando Albano, said he was told about the case through the press and that will issue a statement on Tuesday (10). According to Albano, the pictures will be analyzed to assess whether there should be any complaint against the police.

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1. Ronda do Quarteirão (often shortened as “Ronda”) is a public safety program implemented in the Brazilian state of Ceara in 2007 in five pilot areas, and then expanded. On February 22, 2008 it was expanded from 76 to 91 areas, covering all districts of Fortaleza, the state capital. Source

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