“Our hair is our heritage”: 100% created by and starring Afro-Brazilians, hair product commercial captures the essence and beauty of black women in campaign


Note from BW of Brazil: I actually introduced this post to readers over a week ago when I reported on the captivating images I passed in a subway tunnel connecting in the Consolação and Paulista stations in São Paulo. I was hoping to find more information about this “tunnel of blackness” and I when I saw a video on one of the subway trains last week, I knew that the information I sought was out there. For the Salon Line hair products being promoted in that subway tunnel featuring a number of black girls, teens and women on enormous posters plastered on the tunnel’s walls, there are not one, not two but THREE videos of the promotion targeted specifically at women with kinks, curls and waves. 


The videos and images are simply wonderful! I LOVE everything about the videos: the ladies, the diversity of skin tones and hair textures, the rhythms and lyrics of the song. All I imagined while watching and listening were roots, beauty, essence, blackness….Africa-Brazil! The only time you really ever see such promotion of blackness in Brazil is during specifically black events, such as Feira Preta or the other black expo fairs, but here, Salon Line did the right thing. Their products may not only target black women but black women represent a large part of their market, so the company decided to pay homage to this group that is so often ignored in Brazil’s advertising market. It seems like I just discussed this….yesterday


Learn a bit about the campaign below that features a few women that admire, businesswoman Ana Paula Xongani and actress Erika Januza. Check out the official video as well as the behind the scenes “making of” video and tell me what you think. All I can say is, give me MORE!! If you want to see more, be sure to check out the official videos below and for a special behind the scenes/making of, check out my second post dedicated to this campaign over here


Salon Line’s new campaign honors black women, the company’s largest market

“Our roots are strong. In life and in the head.”

The phrase is striking, and is present in the new campaign of Salon Line, a brand of hair cosmetics, which honors its largest consumers in 20 years in the market. The creative production is from the MOOC collective, led by the producer Conspiração and formed entirely by black professionals, who gave an assertive look at the proposed discussion.


“In a Brazil with the majority of the black population, we should broaden their representation in the media, and celebrate the beauty of these queens in front of and behind the camera,” emphasizes Salon Line creative director Alexandre Manisck. The campaign stars seven brand ambassadors such as actress Erika Januza and businesswoman Ana Paula Xongani.

Actress Erika Januza

“There is a discrepancy between the population and what beauty segment advertising presents. Few brands have a faithful and proportionate representation of black women, and when we look at our consumer market they are the majority. We want to cause this reflection,” explains Alexandre. “We have products for all types of women, but cabelos crespos e cacheados (kinky and curly hair) is our source, and the timing is right for this statement, which is a recognition and thanks from Salon Line to these consumers.”


The broadcast will be via radio, internet and OOH (out of home) for three months. The OOH pieces include influencers Carol Mamprin and Stefany Borges, and in the film are actress Erika Januza, businesswoman Ana Paula Xongani, and influencers Amanda Mendes, Monalisa Nunes and Mayarah Batista, the latest winner of the “Quero Ser Embaixadora (I Want To Be an Ambassador)” promotion, that did a drawing for a consumer to be a brand ambassador.


Tiraram a gente do nosso reino, mas não tiraram a nossa nobreza,

[They took us out of our kingdom but they didn’t take away our nobility]

Nossas raízes são fortes na vida e na cabeça

[Our roots are strong in life and in the head]

somos transição, tranças, turbantes, somos, crespos e cacheados

[we are transition, braids, turbans, we are kinky/curly]

somos pretas somos a referência é o espelho das nossas meninas

[we are black, we are the reference, it’s the mirror of our girls]

somos a possibilidade de quem elas podem ser

[we are the possibility of who they can be]

somos voz grito mudança somos rainhas e nosso cabelo é nossa herança

[we are the voice, shout change we are queens and our hair is our heritage]

A Salon Online celebrando rainhas crespos

Salon online room celebrating kinky/curly queens

Meu cabelo é crespo, cacho, curva (My hair is kinky curly, curl, curve)
Ele é enrolado, cada um na sua (It’s coiled, each in its own)
O meu grito forte te alcança (My loud scream reaches you)
Sou uma rainha e meu cabelo é minha herança (I’m a queen and my hair is my heritage)

Trança transição Turbante Umectação (Braid transition Turban Humectation)
Cronograma capilar (Capillary schedule)
É Salon Line meu amor (It’s Salon Line my love)

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