Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Brazilian athletes claim a record number of medals at Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru (Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever)

Note from BW of Brazil: Deeeee-am!!! Where did this come from? I’ma keep it 100, I was not blind-sided by this news! In all the years I’ve been checking out Brazil’s performance in international sporting events, it’s been, for the most part, one disappointment after another. Not to say there haven’t been bright spots such as the Women’s and Men’s volleyball teams, and the 2002 World Cup victory. But, like the men’s futebol team since 2002, Brazilian teams have always come up a little or WAY short in the big name athletic events. Who will ever forget the disasterous 2014 World Cup blowout at the hands of Germany on their home turf? I ain’t gon’ front, I still believe that game was rigged. I mean if Brazil wouldn’t lost 3-1, or even 4-1, that would have been perfectly believable…But 7-1?!?! Hell naw! But I won’t get into that right now.

Today, I want to talk about the surprising victories that Brazilian athletes pulled off at this year’s Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru. I have to admit, they caught me off guard. In this year’s Pan-Games, Brazil managed to bring home its most medals EVER in the competition and came up second to the always dominant United States. But it was the victories over the American athletes in the Track and Field and women’s Basketball events that left caught me off guard to say the least.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever

I kinda expected that Rafaela Silva would take the gold in judo and I also expected that Etiene Medeiros would win something in swimming. The same for the women’s handball team. But what happened to the women’s volleyball team?

I don’t usually watch all of the sporting events in Olympic or Pan American sporting events, but basketball, track and field, volleyball and ocassionally gymnastics are some of the sports that I like to watch. Of all of those sports, volleyball has been the sport that Brazil seems to have the best chance of bringing home the medal, which is why it was certaintly a pleasant surprise to see the both the men’s and women’s track and field teams as well as the women’s basketball team win the gold.

Of all of the athletes participating, I have to say I felt happiest for Rosângela Santos of the 4×100 women’s relay team. Crossing the finish line with that batom surely has to be one the best moments in her career. She is one of the women who has always caught my attention of the Brazilian women participating in sports. The others are gymnast Daiane dos Santos, basketball players Iziane Castro Marques and Janeth Arcain, and volleyball player Fabiana Claudino. There are many others that I also familiar with, but these are ladies that I most often followed. Interestingly, Rosângela was actually born in Washington, DC! 

So, anyway, congrats to ALL of the Brazilian athletes who had a record-setting trip to Lima.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever

In the 2019 edition of the Pan American Games, held in Lima, Peru, the Brazilian team confirmed the country’s best ever performance in the Pan American Games. Team Brasil won 171 medals and secured the country 2nd place in the overall medal table, with 55 gold, 45 silver and 71 bronze.

Guilherme Costa’s gold medal in the 1,500m of swimming was the mark for the country to reach 53 golds in Lima and surpass its best Pan American Games campaign in history, which took place in Rio 2007, with 52 gold medals.

There were 19 days of Pan American games. In that time, Brazil showed dominance in some sports, surprised in others and also earned medals that seemed almost certain to elude it. From the frustration of gymnast Arthur Zanetti, who earned a silver medal in artistic gymnastics rings, to an unheard of gold in badminton, women’s boxing, and women’s taekwondo, Brazil made history in Lima.

Some highlights of Brazil’s historic showing are below:

Favoritism confirmed

The historical performance would not have been possible without favorites doing what was expected of them. And many names considered hegemonic confirmed the predictions and made the Brazilian national anthem play several times in Lima.

One of them was Fernando Reis. He won the tri Pan American in weightlifting with an impeccable performance. He lifted up to 420 kilos, adding up the clean and jerk and the snatch, and secured the gold medal. Far superior to his opponents, he lifted 21 kilos more than second-placed Cuban Luis Manuel Lauret, with 399 kilos.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Fernando Reis wins gold medal at the Lima Pan American Games 2019

The women’s handball team also maintained their unbeatable rank in the Americas. The victory in the final over Argentina didn’t come easy. The opponents were more efficient and concentrated in the first half, but saw the Brazilian team correct their mistakes in the second half of the match and win by a score of 30 to 21. In addition to winning the gold and sixth championship in handball, the Brazilian women secured their presence at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Women’s handball team claimed its sixth gold medal in Lima

One of the main names of Team Brazil today, the Bahian Isaquias Queiroz won the C1 10000 race. This was Isachias’ fourth Pan American medal. He also participated in the C2 doubles race final, but his partner, Erlon Souza, passed out and they didn’t complete the course.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Isaquias Queiroz

One of the flagship medals in both the Olympic and Pan American games, Brazilian judo shone once again. Mayra Aguiar and Rafaela Silva, medalists in Rio, in 2016, had no great difficulties in adding two more gold medals to Brazil’s total.


Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Etiene Medeiros took the gold in the 50 freestyle

One of the most generous modalities for Brazil in the Pan American games, swimming has shone again. There were 30 medals, ten gold, nine silver and 11 bronze. Among the triumphs were Guilherme Costa’s gold in the 1,500 meters, Etiene Medeiros in the 50 meter freestyle, Bruno Fratus also in the 50 meter freestyle and the 4×200 men’s free relay, with Luiz Altamir, Fernando Scheffer, João de Lucca and Breno Correia.

The Brazilian swimming also won silver in the men’s 4×100 medley, with João Gomes Jr., Guilherme Guido, Vinicius Lanza and Marcelo Chierighini. “We were able to help Brazil a lot in the general medal framework. We came tired from the World Championships, which was very strong and tiring for the whole group. We arrived here with an open heart to fight for an expressive result”, said João to the federal government website Rede do Esporte.

The 4×100 medley women’s quartet also took their place on the podium with Etiene Medeiros, Jhennifer Conceição, Giovanna Diamante and Larissa Oliveira. They took the bronze. “Swimming relay is important for female swimming. They are the best of each style, a quick test where the Americans always stand out and the Canadians, too,” said Etiene.

Francisco Barretto and the artistic gymnastics

A great highlight of Brazilian artistic gymnastics in this Pan, Francisco Barretto, won three gold medals in this 2019 edition – In the fixed bar, the pommel horse and the men’s team. Barretto’s triumph was of great help to Brazilian gymnastics. It was the best campaign in the sport in the history of the Pan, reaching a total of 11 medals – four gold, four silver and three bronze in this edition of the event.

Women’s basketball

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
The women’s basketball team the US and took gold in Pan Games for the first time in 28 years

It was a historical performance. The women’s basketball team put on a performance worthy of the golden years of the sport in the country, when Magic Paula and Hortência led the victories, and returned to win again at the Pan-American Games. Since 1991, at the Havana games, this hasn’t happened. The Brazilian women defeated the United States by a score of 79 to 73. To reach the final, the team went through Canada, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Colombia. An undisputed and deserved achievement.

Figure skating

For the first time, Brazilian female figure skating won a gold medal at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. The author of the feat was skater Bruna Wurts. At only 18 years of age, she climbed the top step of the podium scoring 103.17 points for her performance.


Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze are still surfing in a good phase that started with Olympic gold at the Rio de Janeiro games in 2016. In Lima, the Brazilian duo won the first gold in Pan American games in the sport. Both had reached third place in the race (Medal Race) and just needed to finish this stage to get the gold.

Women’s boxing

Beatriz Ferreira won the gold medal by beating Argentina’s Dayana Sanchez in the lightweight category (57kg-60kg). It was Brazil’s first gold in women’s boxing in the Pan American games. The gold came after a fight in which Beatriz was superior in the three rounds, with all five judges giving the undisputed victory to the Brazilian.

Unprecedented Badminton gold

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Ygor Coelho (Brasil), shows off his medal for individual men’s badminton

The best Brazilian badminton athlete put his name in the history books of sports in Brazil. Ygor Coelho won the country’s first gold in the sport by beating the Canadian Brian Yang by 2 sets to 0. Ygor’s medal, however, was not Brazil’s only one in the sport. The Brazilian team reached a total of five medals in this edition of Pan: the Rio native’s gold and four bronzes in the doubles competition.

Ygor has a curious and beautiful origin in badminton. He started in the sport as a child. His main supporter was his father, Sebastião de Oliveira, who created a project in the ommunity of Chacrinha in Rio de Janeiro to educate and socialize children through sports.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Raphaella Monteiro da Silva of the gold medal winning women’s basketball team

Women’s basketball team defeats the US and takes the gold at the Pan games after 28 years

With good shooting and movement in on offense, the Brazilians defeats the Americans and celebrate in Lima

Brazil ended Saturday at the Pan American Games with the gold in women’s basketball. Coach Jose Neto’s team defeated the United States 79-73 and secured the title 28 years later. The last achievement of the country in the modality in the competition had been in Havana-1991, in Hortência and Magic Paula’s generation.

Brazil played a game of great intensity and with a good shooting. The game was highly contested, with the Brazilian leadership on the scoreboard, but the Americans always stayed close. The good ball movement in the offensive plays went in the favor of the Brazilians.

Guard Tainá Mayara da Paixão was Brazil’s best in the match. With a good transition game, she coordinated the team’s offensive actions. At the end of the match, the athlete valued the group’s unity.

Pan American Games: Brazil Wins its Most Medals Ever
Brazilian players celebrate gold conquest in a basketball win over the United States

“There’s a lot of happiness! When they won the last Pan I was being born. It’s great to be a part of this story. I think our group is so homogeneous that in any game the girls can stand out. It’s all in the group. When one is not well, the other is. It is the whole team’s victory. It’s the victory of women’s basketball,” said Tainá, who scored 24 points in the game.

The most experienced player in the group, Érika stressed that the achievement symbolizes a new era in Brazilian women’s basketball.

“I have no words. This achievement is for everyone. I still have a bit of a career, I was thinking of retiring, but with this Im rethinking this. It’s the beginning of a new era and we are ready for everything. This here is a little pebble for our castle. We have a lot to build and it’s just the beginning for our Brazilian basketball to be back,” said Érika.

With just over a month of work since taking command of the group, Neto celebrated the result, but stressed that the road is still long. Brazil has as its main objective from this point on classification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The first step is to get one of eight seats for the Pre-Olympic games of the Americas, which will be distributed at Americup in September in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If it achieves this goal, Brazil will look for a place in the world Pre-Olympics.

“We proposed a simple form of work and they believed in it. I’m very happy. It was the redemption of credibility. It’s a long path. We have a lot to improve in many ways. We can’t delude ourselves. We have to improve the categories and base and all the National teams so that women’s basketball is strong,” said Neto.

Etiene Medeiros ouro pan lima
Etiene wins her third medal at Lima’s Pan games.

Etiene Medeiros wins the gold in the Pan free 50 meters

The Pernambuco native went up on the podium  for the fourth time at the Lima-2019 Games. She superseded the Americans in the final

A native of ther northeastern state of Pernambuco, Etiene Medeiros won the gold medal in the 50-meter freestyle event at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. She scored 24.88 and beat the American Margo Geer (25.03) and Madison Kennedy (25.14).

This was the fourth trip to the podium for the Brazilian swimmer, who became the the country’s greatest swimming medalist in the competition. Before the title in the 50 meter freestyle, the Pernambuco native won two silver medals, in the women’s 4×100 meters freestyle and 4×100 meters mixed freestyle, and one bronze, in the 100 meter backstroke.

This is the second time the swimmer has climbed to the top of the podium at Pan American Games. In Toronto-2015, the Brazilian won the gold in the 100 meter backstroke, becoming the first athlete in the country to become champion in swimming. Also in Canada, Etiene won the silver in the 50 meter freestyle.

In the male version of the competition in Lima, Brazil also took home the  gold with Bruno Fratus. He came in at 21.61, ahead of Americans Nathan Adrian (21s87) and Michael Chadwick (21.99).

Brazil dominates and wins the gold in the men’s and women’s 4x100m relays

The favorites, Brazilian teams climbed to the top of the podium last Friday

Paulo André, Rodrigo Nascimento Pereira, Derick de Souza e Jorge Vides levaram o ouro no masculino
Paulo André, Rodrigo Nascimento Pereira, Derick de Souza and Jorge Vides took the gold in the male relays

Brazilian athletics closed Friday (9) in the best way possible at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Favorites on the podium, the men’s and women’s 4x100m relay teams confirmed the good phase and won two gold medals.


The women were the first to enter the track. The team formed by Vitória Rosa, Rosangela Santos, Lorraine Martins and Andressa Moreira Fidelis took no notice of the Jamaicans and Americans and won first place with the best time of the season: 43:04. The silver in the race went to Canada, coming in at 43:37. The bronze went to the United States, at 43:39.

Vitória Rosa, Rosangela Santos, Lorraine Martins e Andressa Moreira Fidelis levaram o ouro no feminino
The women’s 4×100 team consiting of Vitória Rosa, Rosangela Santos, Lorraine Martins and Andressa Moreira Fidelis also took home gold

In the next race, it was the turn of the Brazilian boys to shine. The team formed by Paulo André, Rodrigo Nascimento Pereira, Derick de Souza and Jorge Vides confirmed the good moment and went up the podium with the time of 38:27. The silver went to Trinidad and Tobago, with a time of 38:46. And similar the women’s result, the bronze went to the United States, with the mark of 38:79. A little earlier, Ederson Pereira had took the gold in the 10,000 meters and Vitória Rosa took the silver in the 200m.

Already having claimed the world championships, with the title of Pan American Champion, the men’s team gained even more momentum for the Doha World Championships in Qatar when the team arrives with great chances to take medals on the podium.

“One more, isn’t it. Before the race we talked. We are world champions, but you have to be down to earth. It’s good to maintain the favoritism. This group is very confident and doesn’t give up. We came to stay. God willing, we will continue to win medals until 2028. At the World (Championships), we were champions on Mother’s Day. Sunday is Father’s Day, so it’s for all parents,” joked Paulo André.

The girls fly, Brazil wins gold in 4x100m relay at the Pan Games in Lima

Brazil’s 4x100m female relay didn’t even take note of the Jamaicans and Americans and won gold at the Pan American Games in Lima with the best time of the season: 43:04. The Brazilians were synchronized since the first pass of the baton, took the lead in the second pass, widened the lead in the third and finished up expanding the lead over their rivals. The Brazilian team had Vitória Rosa, Rosangela Santos, Lorraine Martins and Andressa Moreira Fidelis. The silver in the race went to Canada, coming in at 43:37. The bronze went to the United States, at 43:39.

“It was sensational. We all gave our best and the victory came out. (We were) tired, but it didn’t change anything. Each one gave their best to the team and we won the gold medal,” joked Andressa.

Rosangela Santos cruza a linha de chegada, e Brasil vence o revezamento 4x100m rasos
Rosangela Santos crosses the finish line as Brazil wins the 4x100m relay

Andressa Fidelis opened the relay very well, not letting the United States open up in front. Afterwards, Vitória Rosa took over the race for the next 100m, leaving the team very close to the lead. The third Brazilian, Andressa Moreira Fidelis, put Brazil ahead with some leadway. It was up to Rosangela Santos to finish the race, maintaining the distance and bringing Brazil the gold with the time of 43.04, the best of the season.

“It was patience, really. I had to warm up again, but thank God everything went well!” said Victoria Rosa, who had already won the silver in the 200m earlier.

Revezamento 4x100m feminino do Brasil comemorando o ouro em Lima
Brazil’s 4x100m women’s relay team celebrating gold in Lima

Rosangela recalled that in Toronto 2015, Brazil finished fourth, in a race in which they were unable to reach the podium. There she assured that she would come back stronger for the Pan Games in Lima. The victory replaces Brazil with the title of the 4x100m relay, which had been won in Guadalajara 2011.

“I felt like it was mine, but I was afraid. It’s horrible when you’re passed up. I just asked, god, help me. Everything I’ve been through this year, last year. The girls welcomed me with such affection. I don’t know. I knew worked out, it was very possible to repeat 2011. I got bite with that in 2015, which was a fourth place (finish) in Toronto that I couldn’t get through. I said the next one was mine. We fought hard for this medal”,” explained an emotional Rosangela.

Rafaela Silva é ouro e judô brasileiro leva mais duas medalhas no Pan
Rafaela Silva claimed gold in judo

Rafaela Silva dominates and earns first Pan American gold

In addition to Rafaela, Daniel Cragnin and Jefferson dos Santos also took the podium

Rafaela Silva is a Pan American champion in the under 57kg category of judo. This Friday, the Brazilian defeated the Dominican Ana Rosa by ippon and got the gold medal in the Pan-American Games in Lima.

Rafaela shows off her gold

The Brazilian beat American Amelia Fulgentes in the quarterfinals and defeated the Cuban Anailys Dorvigny in the semifinal to reach the gold match. This was Rafaela’s first Pan American title; she already had a silver and a bronze.

“I’m very happy with my performance in this competition. I was hitting the goalpost in some tournaments this year, reaching the final and couldn’t win. This is my third consecutive gold, I’m seeing that the work is being completed. The result helps for the World Championships, knowing that my work is paying off. I caught these opponents here in April and it was a more intense fight. It’s a great joy to get here and see that I got my moves right.

In addition to Rafaela, Daniel Cargnin and Jefferson Santos Junior also secured medals for Brazil: Daniel lost to the Dominican Wander Mateo and was second in the under 66kg class, while Jefferson won the 73kg bronze over Mexican Eduardo Araujo.

Brazilian Judo has participated 13 times in the Pan and has won 39 gold, 36 silver and 55 bronze since the São Paulo edition in 1963. In this edition, Brazil had 13 athletes, mostly young. Last Thursday, it won two other golds: Renan Torres (-60kg) and Larissa Pimenta (-52kg). In addition to the five athletes, the delegation also has Larissa Farias, who was fourth last Thursday (48kg), Aléxia Castilhos (63kg), Ellen Santana (70kg), Mayra Aguiar (78kg) and Beatriz Souza (+78kg), ( 66kg), Eduardo Yudy Santos (81kg), Rafael Macedo (90kg) and the 2015 Toronto champion David Moura (+100kg).

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