São Paulo Fashion Week: Black Special – Once again mostly invisible on the runways, photographer captures Afro-Brazilian presence at the show


Note from BW of Brazil: By now you know the story very well. São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). Along with Fashion Rio, the biggest fashion showcase in Brazil. And in yet another example, year after year, the selection of models shows how much whiteness is over-valued. To tell you truth, I didn’t even really bother to look at many photos from the most recent SPFW. A few glances at the photos of the official page showed that this year was pretty much the same standard. The truth is, as in so many areas of society, if Afro-Brazilians want to see more black faces, they will have to create their events, which is in fact slowly happening. In fact, this year, as we saw in a previous post, there was a separate event that showcased the work of five African fashion designers using 25 black Brazilian models! And while this idea was refreshing, the most recent main stage of the SPFW once again presented Brazil as an extension of Europe in tropics, the photographer Moah Buffalo, a native of São Paulo, documented the stylish appearance of black Brazilians who attended this year’s show. Below are a few of the results. See more at the O último black power page. 

Spring-Summer 2016 at São Paulo Fashion Week
Spring-Summer 2016 season at São Paulo Fashion Week

Street Style: São Paulo Fashion Week (Black Special)

Courtesy of O último black power

O último black power blog
O último black power blog

You know when you dream a lot about one thing and it ends up happening? That was this post! I always wanted to cover the Streetstyle of a fashion week, mainly SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week), but it never happened and behold, this week a reader sends a message asking me to collaborate with the blog, offering their Streetstyle images.


It was the visual artist Moah Buffalo, a talented photographer and Video Maker from São Paulo.


I was enchanted with the photo quality and handpicked his looks! If I had been there I have no doubt that I would made the same choices. OUBP (O último black power) level quality hahahaha


So to start this post, I give the word to Moah:


“During my experience at SPFW I realized that one of the minorities around there are blacks, even living in a country in which much of the population is black, because I am black I was very intuitive realizing this.


“But the few blacks that I saw there were representing our melanin very well in style and attitude. As I’ve seen many times specials, red hair, shoes, glasses … I thought, this year the BLACK special will go down  and so I started registering all the Blacks and assembling this registry” – Moah Bufallo


Photos: Moah Buffalo

Agency: Versus Media

Instagram: @moahbuffalo


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SourceO último black power

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  1. WOW! These Black women are just stunning!

    i would say that the “white elite” of Brazil have a not-so-hidden longing to BE European,or to accentuate their “European-ness” in spaces such as fashion. They remind me a lot of white Argentian people who will try their hardest to distance themselves from the South American continent in general.

    I am happy to see more Black people creating their own artistic and expressive spaces and moving away from their unconscious addiction to being approved of or validated by white people. There really is nothing stopping Black people everywhere from doing what we think is beautiful or correct (of course, excluding those who live in politically repressive regimes). It is well known that white people really are not THAT interesting or creative as a whole (which is why they ALWAYS seem to draw “inspiration” from any place OTHER than white Europe). They do not have the connection to divine intelligence that virtually all other people inhabiting the planet seem to have. Black people just have to learn to retain ownership of what they create and to show the same exclusiveness for their spaces that white people show for theirs. We can see that this is happen on a small scale all over the world. I just hope the momentum can be sustained and grow.

  2. Obrigado pela citação ! Fico super contente de ver a proposta do meu blog sendo interpretada de um forma tão crítica e empoderadora ! Abraços Jota

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