On ‘Children’s Day’ in Brazil, actress Taís Araújo reveals how she was bullied at school as a child and posts a photo of her younger self

tais-araujo-relembra-infancia-capaNote from BW of Brazil: Today, October 12th, is celebrated nationally throughout Brazil as ‘Dia da Criança’ or Children’s Day, and as a special surprise, popular actress Taís Araújo took time out to post a photo of herself as a young girl and revealed how she had been a victim of bullying in school. With our previous post today that featured a black child coming home crying after being the victim of a racist comment by a schoolmate, Araújo’s post is on point in addressing an everyday occurrence in Brazilian schools. Although the actress didn’t specifically mention being a victim of racism during this period in her life, as a young black girl we can naturally assume that this was probably part of the reason she experienced such treatment. It is an experience that hundreds of thousands of black children go through everyday.  

Actress Taís Araújo

Taís Araújo recalls childhood: ‘This girl suffered a lot of bullying at school, but learned to defend herself’

Courtesy of Brasil Post

Taís Araújo has suffered the prejudice in cyber-attacks and racist comments on her social networks.In the week in which we celebrate Dia da Criança (Children’s Day), the actress posted a picture of her younger self and used it to deal with a very common theme among little ones: bullying.

In the caption, she shared that despite the verbal violence that suffered, she got stronger and managed to work on her self-esteem.

Taís Araújo posted a photo of her younger self and revealed how she dealt with bullying in school

“Do you see that girl with the angry face in the picture? She suffered a lot bullying at school, but learned to defend herself. With family support, working on her self-esteem and self-love of children, there is no room for bullying. # SemanaDaCriança” (children’s week)

Today, professionally successful, Taís uses her power of influence with campaigns against all kinds of prejudices, filled with empowering messages.

Source: Brasil Post

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