November: The Month of Black Consciousness in Brazil. Video of Afro-Brazilian historical figures

November begins Black Consciousness Month in Brazil!
November begins Black Consciousness Month in Brazil!

Today is the first day of November, which is recognized as the Month of Black Consciousness in Brazil. November 20th is the national Day of Black Consciousness. As such, watch this video and become acquainted with some of the names of Afro-Brazilian History. In the video you will see all sorts of people: actors, musicians and singers, abolitionists, doctors, engineers, poets, athletes, etc. A few of the women are featured here on Black Women of Brazil. Stay tuned to the blog; in the future we will feature more of the women you see in this video!

Black Historical Figures in Brazil

One correction: At the 34 second mark, a photo is listed as poet Castro Alves, but it is actually another photo of the man in the previous photo, writer Machado de Assis.The song is “Sentinela” by the great Milton Nascimento along with Nana Caymmi, who is the daughter of the legendary singer/musician/composer Dorival Caymmi, featured at the 3:24 mark.

Below is a listing of the people featured in the photos of the video in the order that they appear. Of course, each of them have their own stories and biographies that time restraints don’t permit at this time. But feel free to Google them; while many biographies only have information in Portuguese, some of these figures have bios in English also!

This is only a small of list of the thousands of Brazilians of African descent who have made important contributions to Brazilian society. Since the making of this video, one of the most important figures of Afro-Brazilian History passed away in 2011: Abdias do Nascimento, who was cited in Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African-American Experience, as the most complete intellectual of African descent in the 20th century.

Zumbi dos Palmares, 17th century leader of Quilombo of Palmares. Most celebrated Afro-Brazilian hero
Anastácia, slave and popular saint of the 18th century venerated in Brazil
Padre José Maurício Nunes Garcia, Classical music composer of the 18th/19th century
Luis Gama, 19th century poet, journalist, lawyer and abolitionist.
José Carlos do Patrocínio, 19th/20th century writer, journalist, activist, orator and pharmacist.
Cruz e Souza, 19th century writer
Lima Barretto, 19th/20th century novelist and journalist
Aleijadinho, 18th/19th century sculptor and architect
Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, 19th/20th century novelist, poet, playwright, short story writer
Castro Alves (wrong photo), 19th century poet and playwright, famous for his abolitionist poems
André Pinto Rebouças, 19th century military engineer, abolitionist and inventor
João Cândido (Felisberto), 19th/20th century sailor, best known as the leader of the “Revolt of the Whip.”
Juliano Moreira, 19th/20th century pioneer of Brazilian psychiatry
Chiquinha Gonzaga, 19th/20th century composer, pianist and conductor
Arthur Timótheo da Costa, 19th/20th century painter, draftsman, designer, engraver, decorator
Auta de Souza, 19th/20th century poet
Benjamin de Oliveira, 19th/20th century artist, composer actor and circus clown
Tia Ciata, 19th/20th century cook and mãe de santo of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé
Antonieta de Barros, jouralist and politician; first black female state deputy of Brazil
Donga (or Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos), 19th/20th century musician, composer and guitarist
Sinhô, 20th century Samba composer
Ataulfo Alves, 20th century Samba singer and composer
Blecaute (Otávio Henrique de Oliveira), 20th century singer and composer
Moreira da Silva, 20th century Samba singer/composer
Dolores Duran, 20th century singer and composer
Isaura Bruno, first black woman protagonist on a Brazilian novela
Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr.), 20th century composer, arranger, flautist, saxophonist
Nelson Cavaquinho, one of the most important Samba singer/composers of the 20th century
Agostinho dos Santos, 20th century singer and composer of Bossa Nova, MPB and Rock and Roll
Jacira Sampaio, actress
Cartola, one of Brazil’s most celebrated Samba singer/composers
Mãe Menininha do Gantois, one of the most important mães-de-santo of Afro-Brazilian religion
Jackson Do Pandeiro,  percussionist, singer and composer of Brazilian Forró, Samba, Xote and Coco
Didi (Waldir Pereira), soccer star of Brazil’s World Cup victories of 1958 and 1962
Jorge Veiga, Samba singer and composer
Mestre Pastinha (Vicente Joaquim Ferreira Pastinha) a mestre of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira
Cyro Monteiro, singer/composer
Eliezer Gomes, one of the great actors of Brazilian cinema
Luiz Gonzaga, legendary singer/composer/musician of Brazilian Forró
Jovelina Perola Negra, one of the great singer of Samba
Mané Garrincha, soccer star who helped Brazil win the World Cups of ’58 and 1962
Milton Santos, Geographer
Candeia, Samba singer/composer
Grande Otelo, considered of Brazil’s greatest actors
Solano Trindade, poet, folklorist, painter, actor, and filmmaker
Wilson Simonal, Brazilian Popular Music singer
Baden Powell, one of Brazil’s most prominent and celebrated guitarists. Also a singer and composer.
João do Pulo (João Carlos de Oliveira), Olympic athlete of the long jump
Clementina de Jesus, important Samba singer
Tim Maia, Brazilian Popular Music singer and pioneer of Brazilian Soul music
Mussum, actor, comedian
Carolina de Jesus, former slum dweller gained famed who gained fame after the publication of her book
Elizeth Cardoso, Brazilian Popular Music singer
Jorge Lafond, actor, dancer and comedian of TV, theatre and film
Lélia Gonzalez, intellectual, professor, anthropologist and politician. Important Afro-Brazilian activist
João Nogueira, important singer/composer of Samba and Popular Music
João do Vale, musician, singer/composer
Tião Macale (Moisés Bruno dos Santos Gregório), comedian
Dorival Caymmi, One of Brazil’s most important singer/songwriter/musicians
João Paulo
Carmen Costa (Carmelita Madriaga), singer/composer
Claudinho, singer of the Brazilian Funk duo Claudinho & Buchecha
Norton Nascimento, actor
Luiz Carlos da Vila, Samba singer/composer
Haroldo de Oliveira, actor
Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, first Brazilian athlete win two gold medals in the Olympics (1952, 1956)
Jacyra Silva, actress
Breno Mello, actor best known for his portrayal of Orfeu in the 1959 film Orfeu Negro
Ismael Silva, Samba singer/composer
Roberto Ribeiro, Samba singer/composer
Pena Branca and Xavantinho, singing duo of Caipira music
Noite Ilustrada (Mário Sousa Marques Filho), singer/composer/guitarist
Chocolate (Dorival Silva), actor, comedian, composer
Zizinho (Thomaz Soares da Silva), soccer star who rose to prominence in the 1950 World Cup
Walter Alfaiate, Samba singer/composer
Jamelão (José Bispo Clementino dos Santos), Samba singer
Leônidas da Silva, one of the most important soccer players of the first half of the 20th century
Zé Keti (José Flores de Jesus), Singer/composer of Samba
Tim Lopes (Arcanjo Antonino Lopes do Nascimento), investigative reporter
Moacir Santos, composer, multi-instrumentalist and music educator
Dona Zica (Euzébia Silva do Nascimento), Samba singer and wife of singer/composer Cartola
Dona Neuma (Neuma Gonçalves da Silva), Carnaval personality of Mangueira Samba School
Johnny Alf (Alfredo José da Silva), musician who some consider to be the father of Bossa Nova
Bezerra da Silva, Samba musician of the partido alto style
Xangô da Mangueira (Olivério Ferreira), Samba singer/composer
Seu Nenê de Vila Matilde, founder and ex-president of the Nenê de Vila Matilde Samba School
Paulo Moura, Samba, Jazz and Choro composer, arranger, saxophonist and clarinetist

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