New magazine, Black Women Making History, continues to tell the story of black Brazilian women

black Brazilian women

In the past few months we’ve highlighted a number of things going on in Brazil that have the expressed interest of  improving the image of and recognizing a parcel of Brazil’s population that this blog is dedicated to: black women. Through proposed legislative policiesbooks and even essay contests, black Brazilian women are playing a vital role in the redemption of their own image; an image that has suffered from centuries of stereotypes, disregard and invisibility. Today we feature an exciting, new magazine that continues this trajectory. 

New magazine presents aspects in the trajectory of black Brazilian women.

by Simone Ricco

At the end of the first month of 2013, the magazine Mulheres negras fazendo história (Black women making history) begins its circulation. The magazine was released on the night of the January 29th, in a round-table conversation that promoted the exchange of experiences between some of the authors of the articles and guests.

Joining in the round-table organized by the NGO Criola, were black women working in various areas, participating in a discussion of questions that impose themselves in the pathways of Afro-Brazilian women. Opening the night, José Marmo da Silva (pictured below) presented the publication and its aim of becoming a space for the exhibition of thoughts and experiences with a focus on black women.

Sociologist Adailton Moreira Costa (right) with actress Deborah Almeida

In this issue, articles penned by Thiago Ansel and Adailton Moreira Costa, scholars of present aspects in various paths laid by black women devoted to religions of African origin. The other articles in this issue are written by Luciane O. Rocha, Sandra Almada and Conceição Evaristo, authors of articles that speak, respectively, on the relationship between black women and urban violence in Rio de Janeiro, social representations of black women and writing experiences of black women that contribute to the Brazilian literary world.

Lúcia Xavier (right in blue) participated in the dialogue

Present, Adailton and Conceição talked about their work, opening space for dialogue with Lúcia Xavier, as well as for the reporting of doctor Cida, actress Deborah Almeida (pictured above), the pedagogue Dóris Barros, educator Denise Diáspora and others present.

Luciane O. Rocha, Sandra Almada and Conceição Evaristo

The encounter celebrated the emergence of a publication created to share voices and reports that strengthen the identity of Afro-Brazilian women and give visibility to the participation of this segment of the population in the formation and writing of our history.

Source: Ciranda

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