Negras in solidarity! In preparation for the national Black Women’s March, black women take over Rio’s Copacabana!


1Note from BW of Brazil: We’ve been reporting on this for several months now and it’s hard to realize that November is only three months away! We’re talking about the historic Black Women’s March that is scheduled to place in the nation’s capital city of Brasília. In anticipation, we’ve received updates on the organizing process and activities in several cities including São Paulo, Florianópolis, Cachoeira and others. Today, Adriana Baptista describes the emotion of being in a gathering of black women in preparation for the national march in November and the empowering feeling of their solidarity as they marched on Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. 

Black Marias at the Copacabana Sea!

By Adriana Baptista

Hyped up by the soundtrack that DJ Bieta prepared for our Pre-March, flashes of several moments I experienced Sunday (July 26) in Copacabana; eyes brimming with every detail recorded and shared on social networks …my heart beats and I still feel strong energy of every hug exchanged, every kiss given at this great reunion of women from various parts of Rio de Janeiro! Yes, I’m so excited with our feat that since Sunday night, I’ve tried to express what it was participating in the Pre-March of Black Women, a historic moment!

I dare say that Copacabana, an international symbol of the exuberant nature of Rio de Janeiro and its social contrasts, was flooded by Marias Pretas (Black Marias)! So many that I can’t tell … a thousand, two thousand, one million? I don’t know! So many of whom I don’t even know their names, but I recognize myself in them all! In their faces, their clothes … and “that strange mania for having faith in life!”

“Mother in the struggle against the genocide of black people”

The realization of the pre-march is part of the mobilization of the Comitê Impulsor do Rio de Janeiro (Organizing Committee of Rio de Janeiro) for the great Marcha de Mulheres Negras (Black Women’s March) to be held in Brasília on November 18th. It is also our celebration for the Dia de Tereza de Benguela (Tereza Benguela Day), July 25th, the Day of the Black Latin American and Caribbean Women. Seeing Copacabana Beach occupied by Marias Pretas of all ages is something that one will not ever forget and a small sample of what we will do in Brasilia.

In many homes, Sunday is reserved for the family and I can say that in almost 100% of them, there are the women preparing food with what they have at home. But this time, these same women, continued, yes, caring for their families and their own existence, taking to the streets to protest, denounce, to give voice, volume and color to our guidelines! Enegrecer (Blackening) Copacabana on July 26th was an idea matured by black women who, since July last year, have been conducting itinerant meetings in Nilópolis, São João de Meriti, Duque de Caxias, Cabo Frio, São Gonçalo, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Iguaba, Santa Cruz (all regions of Rio de Janeiro) among others, marching AGAINST RACISM, VIOLENCE AND FOR WELL-BEING!

From Leme to Copacabana, we were singing and dancing to the sound of the Jongo of the Afrolage Group, to the drums and voices of blocos afros Orun Milá, and to Lemy Ayó, of the Filhos de Gandhi and Agbara Dudu. I, who am weak for emotions, could hardly contain myself with the performance of the young actresses of Projeto Mulheres de Raça (Race Women Project), Mulheres Incríveis (Incredible Women), already in the final moments.


It is in these meetings that we renew our strengths and repeat the steps that come from far, far away… our ancestors that were in Africa and that crossed the Atlantic! And if it is movement that made life, we keep on! Until November there is still much to do! Participate in your neighborhoods, municipalities, organize your committees, join us, call upon your family and neighbors! COME MARCH WITH US!

Source: Blogueiras Negras

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