Model Lemylie Sozah featured on the cover of Argentine magazine “Mia”

Model Lemylie Sozah featured on the current cover of Argentine magazine "Mia"
Model Lemylie Sozah featured on the current cover of Argentine magazine “Mia”

The lack of exposure of black women in Brazil’s modeling industry is a topic that BW of Brazil continues to keep an eye on. For decades, Brazilians have claimed that their black women (or “mulatas”) are some of the most beautiful women in world. But this leads to several questions and contradictions. If this were really true, why are these women rarely featured as dancers on the country’s popular variety shows, women’s magazine covers, men’s entertainment magazine covers or the country’s ever popular novelas (soap operas)? Is this were true, why has there only been one black Miss Brasil winner in nearly 60 years of the contest?

Back in May of 2012, this blog featured a story about model Lemylie Sozah, a Brazilian woman who has found success in Argentina. You know, Argentina, where about 92% of the population considers itself white. In this month’s edition of the Argentine magazine Mia, Lemylie is featured on the cover! Good news for Lemylie (congratulations) but shameful considering that Sozah found success in a country with a small black population while her native land, Brazil, has around 100 million people of African descent who are regularly ignored and made invisible. But, if you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you know, THAT’s Brazil for you! ANyway, again, CONGRATULATIONS Lemylie!! A luta continua!!

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