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Isabel Correia, the Miss World Sergipe (1) of 2009, is not only beautiful but also very demanding: she chooses which beauty pageants she will compete in. She says she chose the Miss World Brazil “because it is a more complete pageant, where one is not elected the most beautiful physically, but the most qualified to represent our people.” 

“I was born and I live in Belford Roxo (state of Rio de Janeiro), I feel privileged to represent the state of Sergipe, which presents one of the biggest tourist hubs in the Northeast. I admire the strength of the northeastern people. Like any other Brazilian, I love futebol (soccer), but since I was a child I rooted for and follow the Vasco da Gama (team), even though it is in the second division (laughs). I love to get together with my whole family to watch the games.”

Isabel calls herself a housewife, but the candidate of Belford Roxo is also a model, songwriter, singer and embroiderer. “I sing in the mall near my house and compose letters to funk (2), forro (3) and ballads, all amateur. Now also on embroider t-shirts with my mother to sell to tourists”, she says. Her story in the world of began fashion at age 13 when her aunt insisted that she go to an agency. 
“At first I was reluctant to pursue a career and I felt very tomboyish to deal with a world so full of vanity, but then I ended up falling in love with the profession.” 

Between modeling jobs, Isabel participated in the Miss Rio de Janeiro contest and won second place in the competition representing her city, Belfort Roxo. “I really enjoyed the experience of participating in the contest, it was very important as it was known throughout Brazil and I ended up being invited to participate in other competitions, but now I want to focus my career on more of the fashion side.”

In 2008, Isabel would go on to compete in the second cycle of the Brazil’s Next Top Model television show where she said she would devote herself to the fullest and listen carefully to the tips of the jury. Speaking of her participation in the show, Isabel revealed: “I know there are many girls who would give anything to be here in my place and I’m sure I will learn to value this opportunity.” 
Although she ultimately didn’t win on the Brazilian edition of the famous Tyra Banks reality show, no one could deny that Isabel more than represents the beauty of black women in Brazil. 

1. Sergipe is a state in Brazil’s northeast
2. Popular style of drum machine oriented in Rio de Janeiro very simiar to the Miami Bass sound. 
3. An accordion driven music popular in Brazil’s northeast

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