Goddesses in Ayê: Model and fashion designer Aline Andrade exalts African culture and black beauty in photo shoot


1Note from BW of Brazil: Sometimes photos speak for themselves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is true, there are no words necessary for today’s post! Simply put, the photos below represent the essence of black beauty in a tastefully done artistic layout. Aline’s look and presence fits in very well with our series called “Faces of Afro Brazil“, other photo essays presented here and represents the representation we seek to share of Black Women of Brazil! Congratulations to Aline Andrade and Lincon Justo in their collaborative effort!

Goddesses in Ayê

Check out a gorgeous fashion editorial inspired by the Goddesses in Ayê Iansã and Oxum, along the river. A work that exalts African culture and black beauty.


by Francine Moura

Recently the photographer Lincon Justo in partnership with model and fashion designer Aline Andrade collaborated in the photo shoot entitled Deusas no Ayê (Goddesses in Ayê), a fashion editorial inspired by the Iansã deities, Goddess of the Niger River, lady of the wind lady and of the storm and Oxum, Queen of sweet water, mistress of rivers and waterfalls.


As the theme of water bathed the project, they chose to produce the shoot at a waterfall in Rio do Azeite in Itariri, on the southern coast of São Paulo state.


According to the photographer, what motivated him to portray this theme was precisely the lack of similar ones in the media and not speaking of the existence of prejudice generated over religions of African matrix.


Ora iê iê Oxum! Eparrei Oyá!


Photography: Lincon Justo


Model, Makeup and Costume Design: Aline Andrade

Production: Thamyris Seré

Accessories: Selma Moreira Acessórios


Source: Soul Negra

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