Miscegenation destroys black people: Interracial relationships and the decision not to have relationships with whites

interracial kiss crossed out
interracial kiss crossed out

interracial kiss- crossed out

Note from BW of Brazil: Before you proceed to today’s piece, let me affirm that I believe that the vast majority of Brazil’s black population, perhaps 85-90%, will see the following articles as non-sense and will proudly pump their chest out and declare that “we are all equal“, “love has no color” and many other cliche phrases as well as accuse the authors of being reverse racists who are trying to bring US-styled segregation to the world’s largest racial mixing pot. In my many years talking to black Brazilians, reading what they post online and just observing dating patterns, I can confirm that the agenda to lighten the skin of the Brazilian people is an ongoing process. If one were to walk the streets of various cities throughout Brazil, it wouldn’t be difficult to perceive that the dark skin associated with persons of African descent is slowly fading in the same way that our grandparents get older and eventually pass on.

It’s a fitting analogy because I can’t estimate how many times I’ve heard light-skinned persons of African descent tell me how their grandmother or grandfather was preto or preta, often times meaning very dark, black skin. They speak of black skin as if it was a thing of the past, a thing to evolve from when one wants to be associated with modernity. Now people can deny my view on the dwindling numbers of dark-skinned black people in Brazil, but the census report itself verifies what I’ve written.

According to official numbers, 45% of Brazilians define themselves as pardos, loosely meaning brown or a combination of any of Brazil’s five official racial/color categories. Only 9% of Brazilians define themselves as pretos, or blacks. So what does this mean? Simple. There are about five times more people who classify themselves as pardos than those defining themselves as pretos. Now physically, a pardo can look like almost anything and it is also true that are also some people who most would classify as black in that category, but as a general rule, most pardos are clearly lighter-skinned than pretos. And it is also true that for millions of pardos, one need only go back a generation or two to see someone who has unquestionably dark brown to black skin. I think you can understand where I’m going with this. 

Anyway, returning to my original point, people who are quick to say that “you can’t help who you fall in love” or one’s character matters more than their race when the subject is relationships greatly outnumber the number of black folks who believe black people should seek other blacks for relationships. And while this mixture is a huge part of Brazil’s history and the origin of its people and promoted as a way of solving the “race problem”, there is an increasing number of black Brazilians who are questioning the “We Are the World” rhetoric that has been the dominant ideology for several decades and are beginning to analyze the true effects of widespread racial mixing on the black population. The pieces below don’t necessarily represent a follow-up to the “Does black love exist?” piece from last week but they are in the same vein as people are beginning to ask what’s really going on and what role relationships play in the maintenance of the racial hierarchy.

Interracial relationships and the decision not to have relationships with whites

By Felipe Matos ❤️ “

“Every white person is racist.” – it’s not a question, a hypothesis or an uncertainty. I present it as a fact. And I do not hate individuals. I hate social positions. I hate that you were raised in a structure that BELONGS to you and that RAISES you to remain owners of it. I hate that you can’t give up privileges. I hate the inability of you to perceive, feel, and have complete empathy for our situation. I hate the fact that no matter how much you want, and how much you-the-white-individual strives to rethink your position, the moment the structure speaks louder you will be above our bodies. I hate it when you try to rethink and decide to get with black people (with a lot of effort, because I know you call it deconstruction) and have access to our bodies so easily. Because I know, that everything I hate is not the responsibility of a single individual (in spite of also being, you are not free of agency), but of a whole structure designed and organized to CONSUME black bodies.

In the social frame, these are you – white people – and in a relationship with a black or non-white person, you will be in a position of privilege. I opted not to maintain relationships with white people and every day I have this certainty rooted in me, for respecting my sanity. An interracial relationship will be a psychological torture (to a greater or lesser extent, but will still be) masked in masochism. But it is not pleasurable and I take the risk of generalization by saying that at one time or another you will go through a situation of racism and the affection you have taken for your tormentor will make you less prone to response.

I also bring an interpretation – from my perspective – of bell hooks, about the revolutionary potential of black relationships. This world has taught us to hate ourselves. We do not accept love because we do not love ourselves; consequently, this affirmation leads me to affirm that we do not relate to/with our equals because we hate our image. Centering our relationships also means loving oneself. Loving your image. To love what you are in this world. Because it is not a white person’s glory to be with you. It is not a sign of sexual freedom to give to whom you want, while the person only wants your stereotype, your CARICATURE! May we be able to give up the desire for domination because it will be real. Let self-affection be possible because to love another black person is to admit that it is possible to love yourself. A black relationship is no longer synonymous with tranquility or stability, so I ask: if we can choose to deal with less problematic in a relationship, why do we choose those who live as if they were our masters?

I do not ask for more permission, I am not interested in your bodies, and you no longer have possession over mine. I belong to me.

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Aqualtune – Can I copy and paste it into mine and tag you? Okay, okay?

Felipe – Yes you can

Carlos Alberto – Thank you very much! <3 I am contemplated on all levels. I cried!

Natália – And I agree with everything you said and aaaaa the best part is that I went to the beach and was thinking about it, I got home, I get the cell phone and opa, ❤

Jaqueline Basílio – Ain bb, I loved your text!! Can I share?

Felipe Matos – Yesss…

Rosangela – Your text is very strong and boldly declares your feelings, but I still believe that love or even sexual attraction will overcome racism. But I agree with you that it is a bad relationship, I heard absurdities from some people that I tell you one day. But still I believe in love, and that it can change yes, if both sides are willing to fight together. And I also believe in the strength that is in studying, in fighting with intelligence, with arguments, as you do so well in your texts that especially moved me. I experienced all this.

Felipe – I, today, I seek what makes me better, ya know? I cannot deal with subtle racism and intrinsic to the socialization of white. So I cannot maintain these kinds of relationships

“Miscegenation destroys Black people. It’s a terrible crime.”

Historia Africana (@historiafricana)

We fight for liberation. We no longer fight for Neanderthal blood. Historically in Brazil, miscegenation was a legalized rape of black women and girls. We are against the assassination of our values by the Europiores (worse Euros). The protection of the African family is more important. The defeat of those who want to exterminate us will come soon. Follow: @historiafricana (AfricanHistory) #fucktheswirl #miscigencacao (miscegenation) #mistura (mixture) #crime #historiafricana #pretos (black men) #pretas (black women) #negros (black men)#ngras (black women) #kamaukambon #verdade (truth) #liberation #revolution #mistura #verdade #crime #liberation #historiafricana #pretos #negros #ngras #kamaukambon #fucktheswirl #miscigencacao #pretas #revolution

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  1. Culture and race in Brazil is interesting and confusing. I am hoping to learn more to get a better understanding.

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    On Sep 21, 2017 10:48 PM, “Black Women of Brazil” wrote:

    > gatasnegrasbrasileiras posted: ” Note from BW of Brazil: Before you > proceed to today’s piece, let me affirm that I believe that the vast > majority of Brazil’s black population, perhaps 85-90%, will see the > following articles as non-sense and will proudly pump their chest out and > declare ” >

  2. In the absence of external influence, we are whitening Brazil as much as blackening, and given that whites are minority in Brazil (let’s forget nonsense Brazilian standards for this) how people look and who they f. and have children with worries me less than the fact that there is not a pressure to give even the “black minority” (again by BS Brazilian standards) a place.

    In the US Blacks are minority, but have comedians, writers, channels, politicians, a whole freaking world. And its not we blacks don’t mix there, no Sir. It’s about the freaking attitude. Your mum is white? Who cares nigga?

    More to the point.. I agree in Brazil this is not as simple EXACTLY because Blacks in Brazil have no such power, despite being the majority, but, I still think it’s more productive to create pressure to make Blacks with a white parent to see the truth about how the WORLD see them, as opposed to make a campaign to stop miscegenation, which is just bound to fail.

  3. I’ve visited Brasil several times, and I can say that I’ve never seen such hate of self, and love of white skin. Whiteness seemed to be worshipped by blacks. It has seemed to have gotten better and that’s a great thing. Thank you Black Women of Brazil, WE need you. ✊🏾🙏🏾

  4. why are black people so obsessed with race?
    anti-miscegenation speech makes you sound like a fucking nazi (yeah i’m native american and black mixed and that’s sounds fucking stupid and offensive for me)

    also, i’m pardo and pardo people aren’t black, that’s native american erasure lol

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