Military Police kill black teenagers who had already surrendered with their hands up; police threaten life of a victim’s mother and warn not to speak to press

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pms matam adolescentes negros jc3a1 rendidos e com as mc3a3os para o alto dizem testemunhas
Gabriel Queiroz Ferreira, 16, helped sustain five siblings working as a traveling vendor (Photo: Family Album)

Note from BW of Brazil: In an unrelated previous post from earlier today, I stated that readers should note that “just because it isn’t always covered here, it doesn’t mean that these senseless murders don’t continue to happen.” That’s because, as written in post several months ago, with the murders committed by Military Police, there would be enough material to focus on just this facet of Brazilian society. Tonight, we offer still more proof, as if all of the other articles published here don’t already make the case.

This story speaks for itself. Two more black teens murdered by Military Police (MP) and a threat made to cover their tracks. OK, at this point, we must label the threat as an “alleged threat” because it is always necessary to maintain impartiality, but realistically, the story of MPs murdering black males (and to a lesser degree, black females) and then re-organizing the crime scene or seeking to silence witnesses is so common that it would be difficult to believe any side of the story presented by police. Read this latest story of an apparent ongoing campaign to genocide black males and draw your own conclusion…

Military Police kill black teenagers who had already surrendered with their hands up, say witnesses

By André Caramante

The mother of one of the youth men was threatened not to report the case; police allege resistance. One of the dead youth helped sustain 5 siblings selling popcorn, peanuts and water at traffic lights

Family, friends and neighbors of Gabriel Queiroz Ferreira, 16, and Marcelo Henrique dos Santos Oliveira, 17, young black residents of Jardim Odete, on the outskirts of Itaquaquecetuba (greater São Paulo), claim that they were executed by Military Police when they had surrendered in a police stop and approach and already had their hands up. The deaths occurred at 5pm on Saturday (October 1st).

“I saw when the boys [Marcelo and Gabriel] had their hands up and without even having time to say anything, the police shot them,” said a resident of Jardim Odete. Fearful of reprisals, she asked that her name not be revealed. “It was all very fast. As soon as they fired, they ordered us to back up. I guarantee to you, Marcelinho and Biel were not armed. It was forged.”

Gabriel Queiroz Ferreira was 16

Gabriel lived with his mother, Vanessa Queiroz Santos, and five siblings, all younger than him, and helped support the family with a daily income ranging from R$ 20 to R$30 from the sale of water, popcorn and peanuts at a stop light in Itaquaquecetuba.

In the minutes following the shooting of Marcelo and Gabriel, PMs began to scour houses on Venezuela street in search of security cameras that might have recorded their action. Also according to residents of Jardim Odete, soldiers entered a house and were able to access a recording system and deleted the images.

After burying her eldest son, on Monday (October 3rd), Vanessa began to receive threatening messages not to speak to the press nor go after the truth about Gabriel’s death. “Police began to spread around the neighborhood that they would get me too, if I didn’t leave everything quiet. I was not to seek the press,” she said in this report.

Also according to the housewife, the same police who threatened her said that another young man from Jardim Odete, identified among residents by the nickname “Kadu”, is the next on a list of people marked for death on the outskirts of Itaquaquecetuba .

PMs responsible for the deaths of Marcelo and Gabriel are the corporals Paulo Rogério Guiaro and José Osvaldo de Lima, both 41 and from the 1st Companhia of the 35th Military Police Battalion.

In the version of the two soldiers, Marcelo and Gabriel were killed because they were in a stolen car and didn’t surrender when they were placed under arrest after a chase through the streets Jardim Odete.

According to corporal Osvaldo, he and Guiaro patrolled the neighborhood when they were surprised by a motorcycle at high speed which was closely followed by a Hyundai HB 20. During the chase, the motorcycle disappeared and the MPs decided to go after the car.

Also according to Osvaldo, in pursuit, the Copom (Center of Operations of Military Police) reported by radio that the HB 20 was stolen and on Cândido Portinari street, the driver shot four times at the Military Police car, even driving at high speed.

As he was in the front passenger seat, Osvaldo, told him, he fired twice in the direction of the vehicle. At the same time, the motorbike that had disappeared in the streets of Jardim Odete reappeared in a corner and the driver fired “two or three times” at the MPs who were once again not hit.

On Venezuela street, the HB 20 suddenly stopped, according to Osvaldo’s version, but the MP car went “a couple of meters,” by it for it before quickly parking. Osvaldo and Guirao said they saw that the driver of HB 20 was armed and they fired, “almost at the same time” against the two young men. Marcelo, according to the MPs, was driving the HB 20 and had a .38 caliber revolver. Gabriel would have had, according to the MP’s version of the story, the only one taken by the Civil Police about the alleged confrontation, a toy gun.

The .38-caliber revolver presented by the MPs as apprehended from Marcelo had shots fired four times and one perforated.

The owner of the motorcycle who went by at the MP car at high speed, according to Osvaldo and Guirao, the computer technician Claudio Nascimento Lima, 42, said he recognized, without specifying who, one of the two young people as part of a group of four young people who stole the bike. When the deaths of Gabriel and Marcelo were registered, the Military Police found the motorcycle burned, also in Itaquaquecetuba.

Residents of Jardim Odete reported that the weapons that the Military Police said they found near Marcelo and Gabriel were placed by there by the MPs after they had been shot.

“In a photo of my fallen son, shortly after the shots taken at him, you can see clearly that there’s only his cell phone nearby. After, when they ordered the neighbors to back up, a gun appeared there,” said Vanessa, Gabriel’s mother. The image, according to the housewife, was discovered when groups of MPs posted it on the Facebook social network.

On Sunday night (October 2nd), a bus was set on fire in Jardim Odete. The Civil Police believe the attack was a reprisal against the deaths of Gabriel and Marcelo.

For this report, interviews with MPs Osvaldo and Guirao were requested, but the press office of the Secretariat of Public Security, led by third party CDN Comunicação, didn’t respond to the request.

The same happened with the following questions referred to the Secretary of Public Security of Governor Geraldo Alckmin’s management, Mágino Alves Barbosa Filho:

1 – For what reasons were Marcelo and Gabriel killed?

2 – What do the DHPP (department of homicide), the Civil Police of SP, have to report about the deaths of Marcelo and Gabriel? What is the name of the DHPP chief investigating the deaths of the two young men?

3 – What do the MP internal affairs have to report on the deaths of Marcelo and Gabriel?

4 – According to witnesses, the two youths were killed when they had their hands up and without putting up any resistance to the approach of the MPs. What do investigations of internal affairs of the MP and DHPP have to report on that?

5 – Did family, friends and neighbors of Marcelo and Gabriel reported that street security cameras where they were killed were damaged by MPs? What do DHHP and the MP’s Internal Affairs have to report on that?

6 – Family, friends and neighbors Marcelo and Gabriel reported that MPs of the same battalion responsible for the deaths of young people returned to Jardim Odete and threatened the case’s witnesses. What do DHPP and Internal Affairs of the MP have to report on that?

7 – Family, friends and neighbors of Marcelo and Gabriel reported that MPs of the same battalion responsible for the deaths of young people returned to Jardim Odete and said a man identified as “Kadu” will be the next to be killed by them. What do you, the DHPP and Internal Affairs of the MP have to report on that?

8 – What does the general commander of the MP of SP, Colonel Ricardo Gambaroni have to report on the deaths of Marcelo and Gabriel?

Source: Ponte

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