Military Police in Rio caught on film executing men laying on ground; police involved in 37 so-called murders in acts of “resisting arrest”


Note from BW of Brazil: It’s often said that the criminal acts of police are not new. What IS new is that in this age of information, cell phones, cameras and video, it’s just that now we can see these acts that were previously only dismissed as “gossip” or “hearsay”. As previous posts have shown, Brazil’s police forces are some of the most lethal in the world, killing five times more people than police in the United States. In this latest example of such brutality, a shocking video has emerged showing two of Rio’s Military Police soldiers shooting and killing two men lying on the ground at point blank range. With such actions, I must ask, is the objective of the police to sweep the streets of crime or to literally eliminate society’s undesirables? Two unarmed men, laying on the ground are no threat to police, so what would be the point of murdering them? From what it appears, the weapons belonged to the men but were out of their reach at the time of their execution. I guess the saying continues to hold true, “a good bandit is a dead bandit”. I wonder why no one applies this same slogan to the criminals running the country who are the true cause of criminal activity. 

PMs executando dois homens no chão
Video shows Military Police executing two men on ground

Military Police caught on film executing men are involved in 37 so-called murders in acts of “resisting arrest”

The two of them together participated in one such event. The other deaths occurred in actions with other colleagues in uniform

By Rafael Soares

Police are caught shooting at fallen men on the street in Rio de Janeiro

Police officers shot at men on the street in Rio de Janeiro

Video shows Rio Military Police executing two men laying on ground

Military Police (MP) Sergeant David Gomes Centeno and Corporal Fábio de Barros Dias, caught in a video recorded on Thursday afternoon executing two men lying on the ground, near the Fazenda Botafogo housing complex in Acari, in the north zone of Rio, were involved in 37 autos de resistência – deaths of suspects during police operations or in the act of resisting arrest – since 2011.

The two of them together participated in one such event. The other deaths occurred in actions with other colleagues in uniform – Centeno is involved in ten other autos de resistência and, Dias, in 26 occurrences.

All the deaths happened in favelas of the north zone. In most cases, the suspects were taken to a hospital and there was no on-the-spot investigation. At all the occurrences, police officers presented weapons at the police station, which said they were on the person of the suspects.


The auto de resistência in which Centeno and Dias participated together took place on February 12th, 2016. The two were part of the group of police officers who raided the Terra Nostra favela in the Complex da Pedreira in Costa Barros. During the action, Alexander Mota Vidal was killed. At the police station, the police presented a pistol, which they said was on the man that was shot.


Dias had already been caught in the act in September of last year for illegal possession of a weapon. The arrest happened during the fulfillment of search warrant and seizure decreed by the courts in his house, in the west zone. Dias has also been accused of threatening an alternative transportation driver, also in the west zone.

On that occasion, the driver sought the Civil Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to denounce that Dias was the owner of the van he was driving and that “due to debts contracted with said police officer” was “constantly being threatened with death.” At the time, the driver left his home and went to the 43rd precinct (in Guaratiba) to register the incident.

Military Police are in BEP prison

The scene in which the MPs appear to shoot the two men began to circulate on WhatsApp late Thursday. The Military Police Corregidor has already opened a Military Police Inquiry (IPM) to investigate the case. In addition, there is also an investigation in the Homicide Division (DH). Dias and Centeno were arrested and are already in the Batalhão Especial Prisional (BEP or Special Prison Battalion), in Niterói, in Rio’s Metropolitan Region.


During the confrontation at Fazenda Botafogo, a 13-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet. Maria Eduarda Alves da Conceição was in a physical education class when she was injured and succumbed to her wounds. It is not known if the shot that killed Maria Eduarda came from a MP or one of the criminals – the family blames the police for the shot. According to the press office of the Military Police, agents of the 9th BPM (in Rocha Miranda) and the 41st BPM (in Irajá) were on the scene.

Source: Gazeta Online

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