Military Police in Recife are sentenced to 96 years in prison for forcing 17 teenagers to jump in a river

PMs são condenados a 96 anos de prisão por obrigar 17 adolescentes a pular em rio

Note from BW of Brazil: This story is actually from May but it serves as yet another example of the cruelty and brutality with which Brazil’s Military Police deals with young people. Although there are some who believe that justice was served and that judgement should teach police “a lesson”, this writer disagrees. This sort of thing has been going on too long with seeming impunity to believe that one case will reverse the actions of Military Police. In many ways, one could come to the conclusion that lawlessness is the rule of the day in Brazil. 

Military Police are sentenced to 96 years in prison for forcing 17 teenagers to jump in a river

By Grasielle De Castro

Military Police in Recife, Pernambuco, were sentenced to 96 years in prison for having forced 17 teenagers to jump in Rio Capibaribe in 2006. Two of them, Zinael de Souza da Silva, 17, and Diogo Rosendo Ferreira, 15, couldn’t swim and drowned to death. After three days of trial, the Court of Pernambuco decided on Friday (22) the sentence of the policemen Aldenes Carneiro da Silva, José Marcondi Evangelista and Ulysses Francisco da Silva. They were convicted of triple qualified homicide, as well as nine attempts of murder.

According to the Diário de Pernambuco (news), despite the ruling, the police will wait in freedom already on appeal. To the newspaper, Diogo’s mother, Maria do Carmo Araújo, said she believed that justice was done. The mother of Zinael, Zileide Souza, however, regretted that the convicts weren’t imprisoned.

The case’s prosecutor, André Rabelo told Portal NE10, that he expects this trial should serve as an example. “Let this be an example for other Military Police to think twice at the time they are approaching others. These professionals must have ways to be better prepared. Beating, torture, none of this should be done even if it’s a bad guy. The society no longer accepts this type of situation and prosecutors are aware.”

Understand the case

In Carnaval of 2006, a group of 17 teenagers was approached by two cars of Military Police, near the city’s downtown. At the time, they reported that they were placed inside the vehicle as the police rode with them into the city. Along the way, they said they were assaulted and beaten with batons and then forced into the sea. Diogo and Zinael, who could not swim, drowned. The other boys who were together survived. According to the victims’ families, the teenagers were confused with a group who had made thefts in the city.

Source: Brasil Post

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