Militants protest for Afro-Brazilian and poor access to higher education in front of the president’s palace

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On the morning of Wednesday, June 27, militants of the organization, Educafro, protested in front of the Palácio do Planalto, which is the official workplace of the Brazilian president. They demanded increased access of blacks to the master’s and doctorate programs in Brazilian universities and for 20% quotas for university access reserved for Afro-Brazilians.

Militants of the organization were chained together and also demanded access to federally commissioned positions and a decree that recognizes November 20th, the Day of Black Consciousness, as a national holiday. The group also initiated a hunger strike. The Educafro movement seeks the inclusion of blacks and the poor in higher education. Although a unanimous 10-0 decision by the Brazilian Supreme Court declared quotas to be constitutional this past April, the percentages for quotas were decreased from 30% to 10% by the House of Deputies, the Senate and the then president Lula da Silva, in a 2009-2010 decision known as the Estatuto da Igualdade Racial (Statute of Racial Equality).

Hours ago, the protesters sent out the following message:

“In 60 minutes we will complete 24 hours (of protest). Educafro militants will remain on a hunger strike and chained together in front of the Palácio do Planalto to show that in spite of sleepiness, hunger, cold and psychological pressure from the cops to leave, we will remain steadfast as demands for racial inclusion policies are worth it.”

Quotas for blacks in public courses. 
Reparations and Afirmative Action for the Afro-Brazilian people
Sign: Educafro on hunger strike
Sign: Women, poor, blacks – University access guarantees social transformation

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  1. wow! words can't even begin to express how i feel to see these photos. keep on fighting keep on rising in the name of Zumbi dos Palmares and all the other freedom fightersam an african male from Guyana. the first time i went to brazil some pig cops tried to plant some marijuana on me in boa vista[nigeria is the only country in the world with more africans than brazil. remember that]

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