Microempreendedoras Negras Unidas (United Black Women Micro-entrepreneurs): In southern Brazil, two black women are bringing the afro aesthetic to weddings

microempreendedoras unidas
microempreendedoras unidas

Microempreendedoras Unidas

Note from BW of Brazil: Once again, another story about Afro-Brazilian women doing for self! The last decade has seen a true explosion in black Brazilians taking chances and becoming entrepreneurs. While the negative of the news we bring you on regular basis tends to expose Brazilian society’s institutional exclusion of its black citizens, the flip side is that, with so many non-white Brazilians affirming a black identity, this sort of exclusion creates a world of opportunities for those who have talent, goals and the will to make things happen. So what do you get when you combine two black women with a talent for fashion, hair, accessories and an ignored segment of black women who want to look beautiful on their wedding day without following the typical standards set by Eurocentric style ceremonies? Check the piece below for the answer…

United micro-entrepreneurs: The art of business


Gaúcha (native of the state of Rio Grande do Sul) entrepreneurs are holding an event to share experiences, action strategies and strengthen black entrepreneurship. A project created by Fernanda Ferreira in partnership with Quênia Lopes, long-time friends, aims to talk about new possibilities for professional and financial satisfaction through the work they produce. The meeting of the Microempreendedoras Negras Unidas (United Black Micro-entrepreneurs) will be a day of exchange of information, product exhibitions, discussions, braid and makeup workshops, fashion show, concerts and poetry to celebrate the enterprises and new prospects. The event will take place on June 23rd, Saturday, at the Espaço Cultural Afrosul Odomodê, starting at 2pm with free admission.

Specializing in art to empower noivas negras (black brides) with black powers (afros), braids and makeup of the specific skin tone of each client, the friends have been in this project together about four years, though each has her brand and carries out other activities. Flè Noivas e Produções works with headpieces for weddings, makeup and other accessories. Quênia Tranças does all kinds of braids in cabelos crespos e lisos (kinky/curly and straight hair), worked for six years at the Globo TV station and currently lives in Angola studying fashion design and perfecting the technique of hair care.

Camila de Moraes, da revista Acho Digno
Camila de Moraes, editor of the electronic magazine Acho Digno

Among the invited for a chat round table are journalist Camila de Moraes, editor of the electronic magazine Acho Digno, to tell a little of her experience of having a targeted media vehicle directed and produced by black people that highlights the importance of representation in means of communication, and coach Cristiana Bonzaini that will address the theme of connecting and accessing people with a specific technique to help understand how to change human behavior from the internal and external communication applied to negotiation, sales and leadership.

The artistic attraction of the day will be the responsibility of the master of ceremonies, actress Vera Lopes, who will also recite some poems during the event. To represent some of the cultural diversity in the Rio Grande do Sul state capital, the shows will be led by the rap group Afrocalipse and the samba group Pure Astral.


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  1. Greetings! I wish you both great success. I would also like to know, Have you ever thought of going international with your business in the future. sincerely Dr. Hakim

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