Meet the candidates for the 2016 Ebony Goddess contest in Salvador, Bahia

15 finalistas do concurso deusa do c3a9bano em 2016
15 finalistas do concurso deusa do c3a9bano em 2016
15 finalistas do Concurso Deusa do Ébano, em 2016
Contestants for 2016 Ebony Goddess contest

Note from BW of Brazil: Last Saturday, one of Bahia’s most important black cultural organizations, Ilê Aiyê, crowned one of fifteen contestants competing for the title of Ebony Queen/Ebony Goddess of 2015. As we have featured for the past four years, we continue coverage of this important event in recognition of black women in 2016. We presented the winner here, but in this post we allow all of the contestants to shine!

Meet the candidates for Rainha do Ébano do Ilê Aiyê (Ebony Queen of Ilê Aiyê)

Ilê Aiyê’s choice for the Ebony Queen of 2016 happened last Saturday night in Senzala do Barro Preto (Salvador, Bahia), with the mission of bringing to the public all charm and consciousness that black women need to raise their self-esteem and critical census. Meet the 15 candidates for the top post of the bloco afro.

Participants were selected from 50 women in December 2015.

Edmeire Rosário
Edmeire Rosário: The service technique, 31, is vying for the post for the 6th year. In 2006, she took 3rd place. In 2009, he stopped competing, but the emotion was strong when she saw the audience the issues and decided to return

On January 16th, 15 candidates competed for the title of “Ebony Goddess of 2016”, in Salvador. Considered the biggest black beauty pageant in the country, the party will elect for the 37th time the Queen of Ilê Aiyê, the Carnival bloco with over 40 years of history.

Camila Silva
Camila Silva: The mobilize of culture, 24, is vying for the 1st time and was born on the anniversary of the Mais Belo dos Belos (The most beautiful of the beautiful), November 1st. She is in search of personal fulfillment and the dream of her who is reveler of the bloco afro

The 12 candidates who competed for the title were chosen on the 15th of December, among 50 candidates who participated in the pre-selection.

Ialê Marlei
Ialê Marlei: A devoted reveler of Ilê and it rehearsals, the manager of Human Resources, 23, decided to sign up for selection. She was afraid of the process and was encouraged by friends and family

The final show will take place in the Senzala of Barro Preto, headquarters Ilê Aiyê in Ladeira do Curuzu. The event is known as the Night of the Black Beauty of Ilê Aiyê. To register for the show, the candidates should be aged between 18 and 30 years, in addition to have an identity with the Carnival guild.

Carla Dandara
Carla Dandara: The hairdresser and art educator, 22, she has paraded in Ilê Aiyê since the age of seven and has been a member of Band’Erê. But only now, with the support of her mother, has she decided to apply for the post of queen

According to organizers, the “Ebony Goddess” has the mission of bringing to the public the charm and consciousness that black that the black women needs in order to raise their self-esteem and critical census.

Daiane de Souza
Daiane de Souza: Love of African dance is what made the administrative assistant, 23, run for the post for the 3rd time. She was Negra Malê 2013 and believes she can guarantee another reign, this time in the Senzala do Barro Preto

In 2015, the winner of the show was a physical education teacher Alexandra Amorim, who took part in the competition for the fourth time. The Ebony Goddess parades especially during Carnival, represents Ilê Aiyê at social events and integrates its entourage on trips and tours in and outside of Brazil.

Milena Sampaio
Milena Sampaio: A natural of Muritiba, the dance teacher of 31 years, is even happier at her 4th attempt for the title. The criteria that value the culture and for feminine exaltation stimulates the candidate
Elaine Cristina
Elaine Cristina: A nursing student and beautician of the African aesthetic, 27, always accompanied Ilê, but it’s the 1st time she’s competing for the title. She’s already won 2nd place in Atikum Black Goddess contest of the Ókánbí bloco
Juciara Silva
Juciara Silva: Technician in job security, 34, in 2009, she came in 3rd and in her 7th attempt, wants to be crowned at the 37th Night of the Black Beauty. In 2004, she was Negra Malê, Queen of Malê Debalê
Daniele Nobre
Daniele Nobre: In her 7th attempt the executive secretary came close to the coronation in 2013 when she came in 2nd place. She took in 3rd place in 2008. As a strategy, she’s accustomed to watching her videos and improving her stage presence
Larissa Oliveira
Larissa Oliveira: The beautician of African aesthetics, 22, wants to fulfill her promise to win that she made for the grandmother who passed away in 2008. It’s what gives her the courage to try for the 3rd time. Her father is the biggest supporter of the candidate who was the Muzembela 2014
Cecília Santos
Cecília Santos: The fashion design student and producer, 25, came out for Ilê Aiyê, for the first time at four years of age by the hands of her parents and is trying to be Ebony Goddess for the 3rd consecutive year
Ana Paula Silva
Ana Paula Silva: A resident of the Curuzu neighborhood, 24, the saleswoman came out for Ilê while still in the womb and has integrated the Band’Erê. Winning the contest in his 3rd attempt is what is needed to further strengthen the old link with the bloco
Vanessa Ferraz
Vanessa Ferraz: Physical therapy student, 24, she signed up with a group of friends not trusting that she could be among the finalists. After confirmation she came to believe in her ability to be the Queen of Ilê
Rosana Dias
Rosana Dias: At 26, the operator of telemarketing and beautician of the African aesthetic, besides having participated in all stages of the production of her costume, she still divides her time with rehearsals when she creates performances

Source: A Tarde, G1

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