Meet the black women of the Brazilian Women’s National Basketball Team!



Note from BW of Brazil: Ya know, there are some days as a blogger in which you just want to post some photos and call it a day. Today happens to be one of those days. No politics. No debates. No horrific stories of lynchings or racism in Brazilian society. No evidence of the preference for white women in the media or in the dating/marriage arena. And no reports of Brazil’s Military Police apparent agenda of the genocide of young black men. Just photos. OK, well, let’s be real. So many decisions we make on a daily basis are political that in some ways it is unavoidable. As such, the only political slant involved in today’s post will be the women who this writer defines as negra (preta/parda) or afrodescendente. 

National Team
Brazil’s Women’s National Basketball Team

As sports is a semi-regular feature on this blog, the twelve women in the photos are the members of Brazil’s women’s seleção de basquete, or National Team of basketball for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio. Between now and the beginning of the games, the lineup could change, but based on the criteria of this blog, seven of the team’s twelve women would be classified as pretas and pardas, which together constitute black Brazilian women. Below, we’ve gathered together a selection of stills and action photos of these women. Although they are sure to face some stiff competition from some of the world’s best countries for women’s basketball (USA, Australia), keep your eye on them! 

capa 2

capa 3capa 4

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Profile: Name – Height – Position – Hometown – Current Team

 Isabela Ramona
Isabela Ramona – 1.80/5’11” – Guard – Salvador, Bahia – Team: São José Desportivo (São Paulo)
Carina dos Santos Martins
Carina dos Santos Martins – 1.72m/5’9″ – Forward/Guard – São Paulo, São Paulo – Team: Brasília/CSUV (DF)
Gilmara Justino and her daughter Marina
Gilmara Justino (and her daughter Marina) – 1.85/6’0.5″ – Center – Piracicaba, São Paulo – Team: Catanduva (São Paulo)
Jaqueline Silvestre
Jaqueline Silvestre – 1.78/5’10” – Guard – São José do Rio Preto (São Paulo) – Team: Santo André (São Paulo)
Karina da Silva Jacob
Karina da Silva Jacob – 1.87/6’1.5″ – Center – Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro – Team: São José Desportivo (São Paulo)
Kelly da Silva Santos
Kelly da Silva Santos – 1.92/6’3″ – Center – São Paulo, São Paulo – Team: Sport Club do Recife (Pernambuco)
Tainá da Paixão
Tainá da Paixão – 1.72m/5’9″ – Forward – Jundiaí, São Paulo – Team: América Basquete Recife

Carina dos Santos Martins 6 Gilmara Justino sobe para a bandeja Isabella Ramona Jaqueline_Silvestre_SAndre-745x502 Kelly da Silva SantosSource: CBB – Confederação Brasileiro de Basketball

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