Meet the Black Women of Brazil participating in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

Fabiana, volleyball, Fabiana Moraes, track and field, Formiga, futebol, Flávia Saraiva, gymnastics

Note from BW of Brazil: Hard to believe that four years have passed since we covered the 2012 Olympics in London! But here we are and this year the event means so much more because it is being hosted in Brazil, in the Cidade Maravilhosa itself, Rio de Janeiro! As the matches, races and performances continue for next few weeks, today we present a simple pictorial to introduce you to the black women participating in this year’s Olympic Games. Some of these ladies have actually been featured in past posts, (including from the 2012 Olympics) so if you’ve followed  this blog for any amount of time some of these names and faces may be familiar to you. Some of these women have already accomplished great achievements, either individually or as part of a team. But the purpose of today’s piece is not so much as to get into their achievements but rather to just introduce our audience to them, although some of you have no doubt already noticed many of them as the Games officially started a few days ago. So, with no further ado, check out the black women who represent some of the finest that Brazil has to offer in this years Olympics! (All names of photos start clockwise from top left). 

Lorrane dos Santos, gynastics, Isabela Ramona, basketball, Maíla Machado, track and field, Iziane Castro Marques, basketball
Rebeca Andrade, gymnastics, Maria Suelen, judo, Rafaela Silva, judo, Rosângela Santos, track and field
Cristiane dos Santos Silva, track and field, Etiene Medeiros , swimming, Fernanda Garay , volleyball, Érika Miranda, judo
Adenizia, volleyball, Taina Mayara, basketball, Kelly Santos, basketball, Juciely, volleyball
Tatiane Pacheco, basketball, Ane Marcelle dos Santos, archery, Alexandra Nascimento, handball, Adrianinha, basketball
Franciele Gomes, handball, Damiris Dantas, basketball, Joice Silva, wrestling, Jaqueline Ferreira, weightlifting
Leticia Cherpe de Souza, track and field, Eliane Martins, track and field, Keila Costa, track and field, Kauiza Venâncio, track and field
Clarissa dos Santos, basketball, Bia Bulcão, fencing, Tamires Araújo, handball, Bruna Benites, futebol
Núbia Aparecida Soares, track and field, Vitória Cristina Rosa, track and field, Bárbara Micheline, futebol, Lohaynny and sister Luana Vicente, badminton
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  1. It is such a joy to see so many Afro-Brazilian women participating in so many varied events in this Olympics of 2016. As an African American woman, I am so proud to see the brilliance and talent these beautiful, young women bring to the individual games that they play. I wish them and all my beautiful sisters of the nation of Brazil a future of enriching empowerment and God’s unprecedented love and favor in all things. With much love and respect from Los Angeles, California (USA).

  2. Now I wonder if our feminist sisters will be checking to see how many of these women are married to white men like they love to do with black male futbol players. I doubt that this will happen any time soon.

    I am happy for these sisters tho.

    • That’s the sad thing about it! Most of these black Brazilian women will do the same thing like their men and marry white men! Very Sad because Brazil had more black slaves than the US but the majority of blacks people in the public eye in the US are married to other black people.

  3. I am shocked that a racist country like Brazil have so many black women representing them! I would love to see the amount of blacks total that made up the Brazilian Olympic team!

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