Meet journalist Aline Prado, a consistent presence on one of Brazil’s top morning talk shows


Note from BW of Brazil: Not to be confused with another black woman who carries the same name and is known for her physique, sensuality and samba dance skills, this Aline Prado is a regular face on the morning talk show Encontro with Fátima Bernardes. Fernandes is one of the women vying for the title of Brazil’s equivalent to American media mogul Oprah Winfrey. As black Brazilian women continue to appear in the media according to well-known stereotypes as maids or “mulatas“, it’s always great to see more women of African descent, such as Aline, Adriana Couto and others appear in front of the television in a manner that suggests a wider range of capabilities. Maybe one day, a black woman will be able to compete for the position of “Brazil’s Oprah”. 

Aline Prado profile

by by Igor Igarashi

The beauty above is the reporter Aline Prado, who was chosen to command reports from the Fátima Bernardes program. The journalist, who spent time on TV Brasil and the Globo News, was one of the stars of the “Negra Cor” exhibition with the picture above.


An icon of black beauty, Aline Prado enchants viewers with her sympathy and competence as a reporter of the program Encontro com Fátima Bernardes program.

Aline when did your passion for journalism begin?

I had a simple childhood. My father always tried to give me and my siblings a solid foundation of education. He is a very informed man. He always liked to read newspapers and watch TV news. I sat at his feet reading the news and mimicking TV reporters. When I said I wanted to do journalism, he was against it. He wanted me to do engineering and was working with oil. Today, he is the proudest of all. He gets all silly seeing me on TV. (laughs)

Reports require of the professional as much ease with communication skills as resourcefulness in front of cameras, when did you realize that this was your thing?

I began to appear on video in 2002. In the beginning, it was not so easy, so natural. I was shy, I thought I was stiff. Then I created a technique. Every time I gave any information on camera, I imagined I was only talking to my mother. It made me more relaxed and loose. Nowadays it’s as if the camera was actually my close relative. I have affection and respect for those who have the time to watch me.

And the invitation to join the staff of Fátima Bernardes?

Aline with Fátima Bernardes of Encontro
Aline with Fátima Bernardes of Encontro

I was on a temporary contract on the Globo News and remained there for a year. I had never talked to Fátima. I bumped into her a few times down the hall and we just greet each other. In the last day of my contract she approached me in the hallway and said she knew I was leaving  Globo News. We talked a little and soon after she made ​​the invitation. My dream was to get the “good night” on her Jornal Nacional (program) and end up getting her “good morning” every morning. For me, it’s my professional achievement. Fátima is a great partner. Undoubtedly, the most generous professional I have ever met.

Aline in before (left) and after shot of her hair done by stylist Melissa Paladino
Aline in before (left) and after shot of her hair done by stylist Melissa Paladino

Early in the program you went through a radical change in your look in the hands of artist Melissa Paladino and took on a more black power (afro) visual, what has changed in your daily beauty care since then?

Melissa is a kind of capillary “Midas”. She did a study of my image and adopted the look that is more suited to my style. She cut my hair cut and put some highlights on the tips, just to give an illumination. And what she did was change my life. My hair has always been curly, but it didn’t have its own personality. Today, a lot of people on the streets ask me what I do. Before, I tried to tame it. Today, I want to rebel.

Aline with stylist Melissa Paladino
Aline with stylist Melissa Paladino

Any tips for our readers who want to show powerful hair like yours?

I only wash it with cold water. I dry it with a diffuser, turning my head upside down. I like a full head of hair, like a palm tree. I use shampoo and conditioner every other day – washing daily is a terror to the curls. I am dependent on leave-in (conditioner), to standardize the curls. Hydration has to be weekly. And to have a good “day after” – just to do the pineapple hairdo, pinning the locks upward at bedtime.

In a report for Globo
In a report for Globo

An icon of beauty?

In my opinion, Kate Middleton is the biggest “it girl” of today. Beautiful, fashion and light. She can be dressed for winter, but exudes spring.

What cannot be missing from your bag?

Carmex to moisturize my lips and MAC powder to always give the retouched look.

An unforgettable Carnival?

I am a passionate about Carnival! The Samba School of my heart is the União da Ilha do Governador. In 2009, when after eight years at Grupo de Acesso A (Access Group A), Ilha returned to the special group. I was doing live coverage at Sapucaí (Carnaval Stadium in Rio) and could not hold back the tears.

Aline Prado – Quanto custa o Brasil – RJ – 08/04

Ao Vivo 1 Repórter Aline Prado (Globo News) – Reveillon 2012

Source: Charme de Ipanema, Extra, Black Women of Brazil

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