Meet Ivi Pizzott: 25-year old dancer is one of the few black women on popular TV variety show and new resident in Rio

Ivi Pizzott is one of the few black women to be  featured as one of the Domingão do Faustão show's dancers
Ivi Pizzott is one of the few black women to be featured as one of the Domingão do Faustão show’s dancers

Note from BW of Brazil: Recently on the blog there was an article about the vast under-representation of Afro-Brazilian women on Brazilian game, comedy and variety shows that feature models and/or dancers. The question went as follows: Brazilians have always claimed to have the most beautiful “mulatas” i.e. black women, in the world, so why if this was and true, why are 90-95% (sometimes 100%) of the women on these shows white or something pretty close to white?  The Sunday afternoon/evening variety show Domingão do Faustão is one of the most popular, long-running variety shows on Brazil’s airwaves, debuting in 1989. But this show is a perfect example of the issue. Every week on this show, out of around 25 or so dancers, there are regularly no more than two black women. Three of these women, Aline Alves, Aline Barbosa and Carol Agnelo have already been featured on the blog. Today, BW of Brazil brings you the lovely Ivi Pizzott, the newest black woman to be a part of Domingão’s popular dance troupe. 

(See more photos of the beautiful Ivi Pizzott here and here)

Original article: New dancer, Ivi Pizzot, makes her debut on Domingão do Faustão
Courtesy of the Domingão do Faustão website

Ivi Pizzott was born and raised in the city of Niterói. But recently the gata (1) moved to Rio de Janeiro to be closer to commitments with the “Balé do Faustão”. The dancer has enjoyed much of the beautiful sites of Rio: “Even living here, I don’t tire of finding beautiful the city of Rio. It deserves the title of Maravilhosa (Wonderful or Marvelous).”

1 (1)

Recently, Ivi visited the Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) and Corcovado. She defines her experiences as incredible. “I had gone several times to parties at night, but as a visitor during the day it was the first time. I thought the view was spectacular!” she says.

IP 22

And if you were from Rio, but didn’t know much about what to do around town or are from another state and will visit Rio de Janeiro, Ivi gives hot tips for you to know how to most enjoy yourself and the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) better.

IP 6

The Balé do Faustão (Ballet of Faustão) has something new! Ivi Pizzot is the newest Domingão dancer. The reporter Marianne Bastos stuck to Ivi like glue to know how her first day went. “I figured it would be tenser, but it wasn’t so much. It’s a joy and a sense of duty,” said the dancer.

IP 5

Very friendly, she talked a little about her life before joining the team of beauties of the show! “I worked as a model, but always loved dancing and I believe that whatever we do with love, it works out. And today I’m here and I’m very happy. Thank you all!” she said excitedly.

See Ivi in action in the video below with actor/model Kleber Toledo.

Source: Globo


1. The terms gata or gato in Portuguese literally mean “cat”, but the term is used to refer to a person, male (gato) or female (gata) who is considered very physically attractive used in a similar way that some Americans use the term “fine”.

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