Maria Júlia Coutinho becomes the first black weather girl on Brazil’s top TV network, Globo

Journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho
Journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho

Note from BW of Brazil: As in so many other areas of Brazilian life, journalism is another area where one sees few persons of visible African ancestry, especially in a role of high visibility. Journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho was one of the women featured in a previous post about the few black women that bring at least a little diversity to Brazilian journalism. And while it may not seem a big deal, Maria recently added another (historic) line to her resume. 

The new Glória Maria? Globo debuts its first black weather girl

by Henrique Alves


Since Monday, October 7th, the Globo TV network has featured its first black weather girl, a novelty for the station, since that until then Glória Maria was the only black woman journalist with a position of high visibility there. The debut of journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho in this new role was made during the editing of Bom Dia Brasil hosted by Chico Pinheiro and Ana Paula Araújo.


Maria Júlia was a reporter for SPTV (local TV news) and is now be part of the team presenting the weather forecast that features Michelle Loreto, Flavia Alvarenga, Izabella Camargo e Flavia Freire. The journalist was also featured on TV Cultura in the journalism department until appearing in front of the camera in the television journal Cultura Meio-Dia for almost three years and at the side of Heródoto Barbeirono at Journal da Culture in 2005.


It’s worth remembering that Maria Júlia is not the first black female journalist to debut in this role, since Joyce Ribeiro served as weather girl for a few months at the SBT network and today presents Jornal do SBT Manhã.

It’s not a bombshell, but is certainly a milestone in Brazilian TV.

Source: De Olho Na TV

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