‘Lolita Az Avessas’, a designer brand from the state of Minas Gerais, values black women and the diversity of the bodies

Lorena Santos escolhe modelos cujo perfil dialogue com as ruas
Lorena Santos escolhe modelos cujo perfil dialogue com as ruas
Lorena Santos escolhe modelos cujo perfil dialogue com as ruas
Lorena Santos chooses models whose profile dialogue with the streets; The idea of the brand is to subvert the logic of “Eurocentric aesthetics”

Note from BW of Brazil: The fashion industry is yet another area in which we’ve seen some exciting developments in which Afro-Brazilians are demanding representation, a piece of the consumer market and are proving that black Brazilians make purchases but also want to see brands to speak to their identity, even if they have to spend more money to see it. Today, we bring you a piece on a designer who is making a name for herself in the state of Minas Gerais. 

‘Az Avessas’ values black women and the diversity of the bodies

By Paula Machado

“Lolita Az Avessas” is a brand of clothing from the state of Minas Gerais, with original prints, which invites a reversal in beauty standards – which is why it takes the nickname. The creation of Lorena Santos, a graduate in fashion, was launched in 2008 and registered in 2011. The pieces follow an urban style and reflect causes that are dear to the idealizer.

Lorena Santos
Lorena Santos, creator of Lolita Az Avessas

“The first contact with the area was with my grandmother who, instinctively, always dressed creatively,” says Lorena, emphasizing that during the process the discovery of skills unfolded. “The name came when I realized that I create freely and I try to subvert the logic of Eurocentric aesthetics,” she adds.

She also studied wardrobe, through the group Galpão, in 2013. She currently specializes in visual arts at the Arena (Escola Livre de Arte or Free School of Art). The entry into the segment was due to the customization, subject of workshops given by her, recently, at the invitation of Companhia Candongas, of the Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais.

Responsible for the design of the models and the prints, for the cut of the fabrics and for the management of the business, Lorena counts on the aid of a professional who sews and silk.

Four collections have already been released. The last one, called “Florescer”, portrays subjects such as female self-esteem, with a behavioral footprint. The next three, inspired by black women, are “Filhas de Zumbi” (Daughters of Zumbi)”, “Afrodivas” and “Protagonistas”.

Resultado de imagem para "Lolita Az Avessas"
Lolita Az Avessas designs

“These last three were conceived as a way to combat racism that we experience in Brazil,” reveals the stylist.


“I am not a person to follow trends, but I am always updating myself, attending workshops, courses and lectures. For me, fashion research is on the street, this is my raw material”, details the entrepreneur.

In addition, Lorena chooses models for editorials whose profile dialogues with the concept developed. “These are ordinary people who are not part of the pre-established standard. This gives a lot of strength to the work of authors,” he defends. “I like my work to reflect the beauty of the diversity of bodies,” she emphasizes.

She says that in 2017, one of the women who participated in her campaign was 63 years old. The pieces are also imagined for use by women and men.


Lolita Az Avessas

Address: Rua Adem, 47 – neighborhood of Alípio de Melo, Belo Horizonte

Telephone/WhatsApp: (31) 9 8891-2247

Fan page: @LolitaAzVideos

Instagram: @lolita_az_avessas

Source: Hoje em Dia

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