Lemylie Sozah: A Brazilian model finds success in Argentina


Lemylie Sozah is the stage name of Brazilian model Emilienne de Souza. Born on July 6, 1981 in the City of Rio de Janeiro, she has a degree in Literature and worked as a teacher for two years. In 2006, she met someone from Argentina and in April of that year, went to Buenos Aires. It was there that her professional career as a model began, working for Argentina’s top fashion designers including Roberto Piazza and Claudia Arce.

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She has modeled for four major fashion events in Buenos Aires including BAF Week, Pinamar Fashion Look and others working for some of the best fashion producers including people like Josefina Laurent, Pitu Di Marco, model/actress Ungrid Grudke, the Executive Producer of Argentina Fashion Week, Hector Vidal Rivas and fashion producer Guillermo Azar.


Sozah has appeared in a number of Argentine magazines and commercials for Beck’s Beer, Coca-Cola, Miracle Whip among others. She was featured in Miu Miu’s series of short films entitled “The Women’s Tale”, which explored the feminine love affair with Miu Miu directed by Lucrecia Martel. She has also sang Bossa Nova tuned in the Teatro Moliere appearing with Roberto Piazza, who besides being a designer is also a singer.

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With all of the success Lemylie has found in Argentina, the ironic thing is that she had to leave her native Brazil in order to find this her path to fame and success. These opportunities didn’t exist in Rio de Janeiro where one of the top modeling agencies in the country told her to stay out of the sun and lighten her skin. A shame, but not surprising considering the claims and reports made by and about black Brazilian models.

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