Katleen da Cruz Conceição: specialist in black skin

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One of the most respected when the subject is black skin, Dr. Katleen da Criz Conceição is the Ambulatory Head of Dermatology in Black Skin of the Federal Hospital in Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro. With a degree from the Faculty de Teresópolis , and with specialization from UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense or Federal Fluminense University), she tends to an average of 500 clientes per month and chose her career because of her father, who is also a dermatologist. “I grew up surrounded by dermatology books but particularly clinical dermatology,” she says.
Her choice of specializing in black skin happened because of several factors. The doctor noted that specialization in the area of black skin didn’t exist in Brazil so she began investing in this area, addressing issues in the area, especially the use of lasers, a subject Katleen says was kind of a taboo. “I started seeing great results with the use of lasers and I took many courses in dealing with lasers and updates in the area in American Congresses, always focusing on dermatology of black skin (clinical and esthetic). Besides that, I’m black and the patient also indentifies with me”, she says.

On the advantages of black skin, she speaks good-naturedly: “There are many, because really we don’t always look older and we don’t look our age. Black skin is firmer, less susceptible to having cellulite and wrinkles on the face, however, it has a greater frequency to pigmentation and fearsome keloid that we can get after a trauma or post-surgery.”

Some time ago, Katleen decided to create a blog to give tips on products and treatments: “I decided to create the space initially to pass on a little of my experience with the Brazilian products; later I notice an interest in the black population for imported products. This includes dealing with make-up and hair products.”
Working in two clinics in Rio, and one in São Paulo, the native of Rio Grande do Sul has adopted Rio de Janeiro as her home. And she identifies the success of her career with a new profile of the black population. “I see my career as a sample of the current profile of black people in Brazil: really vain , careful with the skin, knowing what you want, knowing that you should use sunscreen or specific products and also wanting to be seen as a cliente that plans to have laser treatments, botox applications and dermal fillings, among other things.
Fulfilled in her profession, Katleen considers each client unique. “All of my patients are beautiful and famous, extremely important to me, because they believe in my work and help me to grow professionally every day. I am blessed to have chosen a profession that makes me so happy”, she concludes. Some of her famous clients include actor Lázaro Ramos, and actresses Isabel Fillardis (seen in photo above), Juliana Alves and Roberta Rodrigues
Katleen graduated from the Faculdade de Teresópolis (Faculty of Teresópolis) in Rio de Janeiro and maintains the blog Dermatologista em pele negra. Services: Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva, 341 – room 501, in the Leblon area of Rio de Janeiro.  Telephone: (21) 2512-1008); and in the Barra area, telephone (21) 2421-1221.
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