Karla Marques is elected “The Most Beautiful Black Woman of Amapá” on night of African music and rhythms

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by Agência Amapá

To the sound of Amapá music and African rhythms, a part of the history of blacks in Brazil was told at the headquarters of the Black Culture Center of Amapá (Centro de Cultura Negra do Amapá  – CCNA), during the presentation of the candidates for the title of “The Most Beautiful Black Woman of Amapá.”

State of Amapá in northern Brazil

 The judges evaluated the presentation on social costumes, bath suits and evening wear, in addition to beauty aesthetics, resourcefulness and knowledge about African descendant culture. Young Karla Marques dos Santos was elected by the jury, who presented the theme of São Jorge (St. George). She excited the audience and received the best scores of the judging committee. In 2nd place was Bruna Sousa and 3rd went to Andreia Lessy Cordovil.

3rd place winner Andreia Lessy Cordovil (left) and 2nd place winner Bruna Souza (2nd from left) pose with winner Karla Marques dos Santos (2nd from right)

Besides the title of “The Most Beautiful Black Woman of the State of Amapá,” Karla Marques also received an award in the amount of two thousand reais(about US one thousand dollars). The runner-up, Bruna Sousa, received thousand reais (about US 500 dollars) and the third place winner took five hundred reais (about US two hundred and fifty dollars). The winners of the competitions “The Most Beautiful Black Man” and “The Most Beautiful Black Woman” will compete for the title of Brazilian Beauty, in March 2013, in the northeastern state of Bahia.

The competition was part of the programming of the Black Consciousness Week, held by the Government of the State of Amapá and black organizations, and took place from November 16 days to November 30 (2012), Brazil’s Month of Black Consciousness. During these days of celebration and knowledge, a programming focused on the history, culture, tradition and appreciation of people of African descent in Brazil was held by the CCNA. Crafts, music, art, dance, religion, knowledge, everything that has reference to African ancestral culture that was brought to Amapá was featured.

Cultural attraction

Besides the parade, the night had a lot of music. The singer Osmar Júnior sang and charmed the audience before and after the presentations of the candidates for the title of “The Most Beautiful Black Woman”.

“It was a night of true tradition and beauty. Blackness was shown through music and community representatives. I didn’t think that our African descent culture had so much to tell,” said 20-year Adriely Lima, also of Amapá.

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Source: Jornal do Dia

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