“Justice” in Brazil is not blind: it judges by color

Prison - A 'justica' no Brasil nao e cega - ela julga pela cor - Nós' do Brasil - implementando as leis 10639-03 e 11645-08

Note from BW of Brazil: With a recent tragedy in northwest Brazil that we will be covering later, it is important for the world to know the realities of prison and justice in the country that will soon be the focus of the entire world in 2014 because of the World Cup and in 2016 because of the Olympics. As you read the report below, ask yourself: Is it a coincidence that last year saw Brazil open its first private prison in the state of Minas Gerais

“Justice” in Brazil is not blind: it judges by color

Studies indicate that institutional racism drives decisions of Police, Public Defenders, prosecutors and of the Court.

Of each three inmates, two are black;

Of each ten arrests seven are black and only two manage respond to the process in freedom

Of each 10 prisoners without a trial, nine are negros.

Brazil has 548,003 inmates, and 354,000 are negros (the sum of pretos or blacks plus pardos or browns), according to the Departamento Penitenciário Nacional (National Penitentiary Department). We have the fourth largest prison population in the world. We (of Brazil) are in the fight for the implementation of Laws 10.639/03 and 11.645/08.

We from Brazil - implementing laws 10639/03 and 11645/08
We from Brazil – implementing laws 10639/03 and 11645/08 – Studies of Ethnic Racial Relations

Source: Nós do Brasil – implementando as leis 10639/03 e 11645/08 (Facebook)

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