Juliana Monteiro, Elite model

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Juliana Monteiro, Elite model


The past few decades have brought about many changes in regards tothe Afro-Brazilian community. In large part due to the efforts of the MovimentoNegro, there are now more black Brazilians in Brazil’s finest universities,more black Brazilians have moved into the middle class, there is a blackuniversity, a major black awards show and a magazine devoted to theAfro-Brazilian population.
Juliana Monteiro, a model represented by Elite Modeling agency canattest to this. “This change has really happened. We have about 15 black modelsin our casting. This is not a quota. There was an increase in the number ofclients soliciting these models and mannequins and the market still has a lotto grow,” she says. Although it has been well documented that Brazil’s bigfashion events, Fashion Rio and the São Paulo Fashion Week continue to basically ignore the beauty of Afro-Brazilian models, the efforts of Helder Dias, president of HDA Models, anagency dedicated to the exposure of black models and Raça Brasil magazine havehad a tremendous impact on the self-esteem and visibility of the blackBrazilian population. And as the old saying goes, this is only the beginning. 
Source: Black Women of Brazil
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