Judge named Hitler condemns popular retail chain to pay more than US$4,000 in damages for racism

Judge Hitler Eustásio Machado Oliveira and the Casas Bahia retail store
Judge Hitler Eustásio Machado Oliveira and the Casas Bahia retail store

Note from BW of Brazil: In reality, this story is very unremarkable. Simply another example of deeply-ingrained racial prejudice within Brazilian society. And like other cases, it led to a court victory and a financial settlement. Perhaps the only thing that is actually noteworthy about the story is the name of the judge of the case.

Although it is true that nearly 70 years have passed since the end of World War II, the name Hitler still conjures up images of a rabid racial hate monger. But the global economic crisis has actually renewed an interest in the German leader which in turn is helping to overturn many long held beliefs about the historical figure. In her book, The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free, Ellen Hodgson Brown shows how the German Führer brought his country back from economic ruin by issuing his own debt-free money without the international banking cartel.

African-American Olympic hero Jesse Owens also revealed how it was American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who snubbed him after he won four gold medals for his country in the 1936 Olympics while the German leader shook his hand. Owens also revealed that Germans treated much him better than Americans did. These and many more facts about the German leader will surely debunk many widely held beliefs about one of the most hated men of the 20th century. There are many other ideas about Germany that perhaps need to be re-visited as persons accustomed to dealing with racism come to have a refreshing view of the country. OK, so none of this actually has anything to do with story, but still interesting facts…

Judge named Hitler condemns Casas Bahia for racism

An employee who was the victim of racial discrimination will be compensated at R$10,000 for moral damages; magistrate says that is the first case of its kind in his 16 year career

by Taís Laporta

A curious case was registered at the Vara do Trabalho (Labor Court) in Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais. A judge named Hitler Eustásio Machado Oliveira condemned the retail store Casas Bahia for racial discrimination against an employee. The company will pay R$10,000 (about US $4,121) compensation for moral damages to the victim.

The magistrate said that this was the first case of racism that he judged in his 16-year career. On the name given he received from his father, the judge says there is no relation or honorable mention to the German dictator, despite having already having had difficulty obtaining a visa to the United States.

“I thought about changing my name when I was younger, but I got used to it and even like it today. It’s a different and strong name, people get to know you.” The fact of having this name and prosecute an action for racial discrimination was coincidental, said the judge.


In the lawsuit, the employee said that he was constantly ignored by his superior, the store manager, who didn’t greet him at work because of the color of his skin. Witnesses confirmed that the official story was true.


Casas Bahia must pay R$10,000 to the offended employee

One of the witnesses saw the manager turn his on him, making sure to show contempt. It was also proven that she did not provide the necessary assistance to the employee, contrary to what she had done with other employees.

“A reprehensible and inconsistent attitude in the work environment that is expected to be given to the employee,” the judge held.

According to another witness, the manager allegedly told the employee and his colleague, both black, that they did not fit the profile for the store, pointing her index finger at her arm in reference to skin color.

The plaintiff said he was threatened with dismissal for just cause for every little mistake he made. Finally, he was fired by the manager, without cause, as soon as she assumed the top manager position.

He was also scheduled to clean merchandise more often than other salespersons.

According to the judge, the conduct of the employee (that became management) “featured abuse of law and practice of racial discrimination, in flagrant disregard of the principles of equality and human dignity.” He also repudiated the lack of action of the company in regards to the racist practice.

The fact that the company kept the employee on staff was considered an aggravating circumstance against the defendant in the case, according to the magistrate.

He considered also that the moral damage is undeniable. “It is true that the amount of compensation should be considerable in order to offset the taunts and humiliation suffered, in fact stopping the attitude of the offender,” uttered in the sentence.

Compensation of R$10,000, on the other hand, was established so as not to be exorbitant and disproportionate to the harm caused, otherwise enriching the offended without cause, the judge said.

According to the magistrate, Casas Bahia has already lost two appeals in the higher courts, and has already entered into a third, although the possibility of reversing the decision is minimal.

Source: iG Economia

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