Journalist who was fired for calling funk singer Ludmilla a monkey on live TV is hired by another top network

jornalista racista que atacou ludmila ganha emprego no sbt
jornalista racista que atacou ludmila ganha emprego no sbt
Marcos Paulo Ribeiro, left, was fired by Record TV for calling singer Ludmilla a monkey on live television

Note from BW of Brazil: Well, I told you so! I hate the fact that my prediction turned out to be true, but as we saw in a previous article today, racism in Brazil is a perfect crime. When I did  a follow-up report on this story last month, I said “this guy will probably have no problem getting another high status job. After all, as racism works as a network, the punishment is never too severe as everyone who is part of the network generally thinks the same way”,  that is, when it comes to how to deal with black Brazilians. Are you all starting to understand how white privilege/supremacy works in Brazil?  

Racist journalist who attacked Ludmila given a job at SBT-TV

By Silvia Nascimento

It seems that racism in Brazil brings jobs and not for the victim. An exemplary case is that of Patrícia Moreira, a Grêmio futebol team fan involved in a racist act against goalkeeper Aranha in 2014, who was hired by the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) NGO, which understood that she, in a way, was also a victim. That every racist, according to founder MV Bill‘s note, is an uneducated being.

The journalist Marcos Paulo Ribeiro, known as “Marcão do Povo”, who called the singer Ludmila a macaca (monkey) live on Record TV’s Balanço Geral program in the nation’s capital, wasn’t even unemployed for two months.

According to the site Meio e Mensagem, SBT-TV issued a statement announcing the hiring of the host, but did not specify his function in the new job.

In the statement, Marcão says he always dreamed of working at the station. “I grew up watching SBT, that is a broadcaster with the face of the Brazilian family, the face of Brazil.”

Silvio Santos, owner of SBT-TV, has just hired a racist, increasing the repertoire of comments and offensive attitudes to the black community. And there are those who find him a media genius.

Source: Mundo Negro

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  1. I think we are also to blame for these things. Our black leaders should call for a boycott of any station that hires racists. It’s not until they feel in their pockets that they do something. Complaining by itself will have zero effect.

    Brazilians only understand actions that are economically threatening.

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