Journalist offends Senator Regina Sousa racially and socially; refers to her as an “anta”. Second time a white media personality has insulted the senator

jornalista joice hasselmann ofende e discrimina social e racialmente senadora negra dentro do senado brasileiro 5
jornalista joice hasselmann ofende e discrimina social e racialmente senadora negra dentro do senado brasileiro 5


Note from BW of Brazil: If one follows the racial situation in Brazil for any amount of time, one would begin to understand both styles of racism: the subtle form and the blatant form. Senator Regina Sousa most certainly understands how it works. For the second time this year the senator from the state of Piauí has been insulted by a white media personality. Back in May, comedian/talk show host Danilo Gentili, infamous for his jokes and skits of bad taste, referred to her a ‘coffee server’. This second assault on the senator happened as she defended her position on the impeachment of recently ousted President Dilma Rousseff. 

The behavior of the journalist towards the senator shows us once again that black women are not expected to found in positions of authority. And even as Sousa’s position in support of Rousseff could be seen as one of the reasons she attracted such disrespectful statements, even had she expressed support for the former president, that wouldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t be the target of comments that still speak to her racial category. Remember that back in April, black Congresswoman Tia Eron statement her position in support of Rousseff’s removal and she was told that she was “black but beautiful and intelligent”. Thus, as we can see in yet another, regardless of what black Brazilians do (positive or negative), or whether they are rich or poor, in positions of power/leadership or an everyday citizen, Brazil will continue to try to keep them in “their place”

The intriguing thing about this latest controversy is this journalist’s horrific past record and the audacity she has to attack someone else! 


Journalist Joice Hasselmann offends black senator racially and socially

by Mônica Aguiar

There are no words to respond to this “journalist”.

Before the political framework, it reaffirms to the world the reasons for Brazil being divided; divided between those who don’t want people of the human profile of the Senator who is black, occupying political spaces and positions of power, according to this journalist’s on-screen statement.

Hasselmann recorded the video while the senator was speaking in session and posted it on her You Tube page

They cannot bear to hear and witness black women in the pulpits and in spaces of power, principally black women that fight for equality, rights and citizenship.

This person that journalism as a profession didn’t learn in college the basic principles of ETHICS.What should we think of these concepts coming from a white journalist regarding a black woman? Will anyone have doubt that this is racial hatred?

In the place that the Senator finds herself, in the SENATE, what is the existent difference between her fellow senators?

The Senator was democratically elected as senators are elected by majority vote – ie, whoever receives  the most votes in their state wins. This “journalist” demonstrates all existing racial differences. This is the typical behavior denominated journalistic practiced during the administration of Dilma Rousseff.

Journalist recorded senator as she spoke during Senate session on impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff

And the “figure” made a point of citing them.

These racial and social differences are veiled inside the white exercise of the existing false racial democracy.

These are differences that kill and maim thousands of blacks and women in this great and vast Brazil.

Differences humiliate, disrespect and promote justified maneuvers even in the laws overlapping to the political interests, to force the black woman in this country, Brazil, to go back to playing the same role in the slave system.

This is all within the FEDERAL SENATE OF BRAZIL during a voting process for the REMOVAL from the post of the first woman president of Brazil.

It becomes blatantly obvious, even more so the true motives of certain sectors of the press that does not want a woman president.

This “journalist” figure deserves a more severe punishment than those who commit crimes against public officials. This journalist wounded all the social questions that lay bare all kinds of prejudice, violence and humiliation.


PT (Workers’ Party) reacts against journalist that offended senator

Courtesy of Brasil 247

The journalist Joice Hasselmann, formerly of Veja magazine, called Regina Sousa a “tapir” (anta), “semi-literate” and “cretinous creature” at the time that the senator spoke out in defense of (former President) Dilma (Rousseff).

Joice Hasselmann was denounced by the Ethics Committee of the Paraná Journalists Union (Sindijor-PR) for 65 plagiarisms in media vehicles such as Gazeta do Povo, Bem Paraná and G1 written by 42 different people. The union proved the copy of the contents and prevented, definitely, the entry of journalist in the context of the entity.

This is not the first time that the senator has been the victim of prejudice. In the impeachment vote in Congress, on April 17th, comedian and TV host Danilo Gentili called the PT Senator a “tia do café” (a coffee server).

Lawyers of the senator said that the journalist will stand legally accountable for the offenses.

In a statement, the National Secretariat of Women of the PT (Workers’ Party) affirm that “the educated journalist is, coincidentally, the stereotype of everything against that which the Senator struggles: prejudice, conservatism, ignorance, injustice, disrespect, lack of ethics.” “Ethics is, incidentally, a noun not in the dictionary of Ms. Hasselmann, who was known for plagiarizing reports from more than 42 different professionals,” says the text. In response to this aggression of said journalist, the Women’s Secretariat of the PT released a note of grievance to Senator Regina Sousa

Literacy is not synonymous with education. Color is not synonymous with superiority. Respect is an attitude that is learned in life. Ethics is a posture that is adopted and applies in any situation.

Senator Regina Sousa, whose history of dignity, honesty, sense of justice and hard work and struggle in defense of a more just and less prejudiced and conservative society, was the subject of a frenzied assault of a woman named Joice Hasselmann. The educated journalist is, coincidentally, the stereotype of everything against which the Senator struggles: prejudice, conservatism, ignorance, injustice, disrespect, lack of ethics. Ethics is, incidentally, a noun not in the dictionary of Ms. Hasselmann, who was known for plagiarizing reports from more than 42 different professionals.

We would not have to waste time with the performance of such a figure, if not just to manifest all our respect and appreciation for Senator Regina Sousa for the force, determination, simplicity, courage and history of the woman, worker, political leadership that was forged in the struggle against adversity and learned in the walking of the path the deeper meaning of what it is to be superior.

Source: Brasil 247Mônica Aguiar

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  1. Amazing how regularly this sort of thing happens. Who would have imaged it? Many abroad used to think of Brazil as a society which accepted its diverse population with equal respect to all. Now the world needs to know the truth. What a hypocrite Pele is. Way back, Abdias do Nascimento used to be thought of as some sort of extremist. Now, we realise he was right. Wake up, Afrodescendentes!

  2. It is so good that someone is showing support for the ex-president. I have read a little about her situation and it is tragic and evil what they did to her. Wickedness in high places.

    Just looking at that hassewoman you can see spawn of sSatan stamped on her face. Yet, the Senator exudes such gentleness. That Hassewoman has it coming to her.

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