Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama’s memoir

Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama’s memoir

Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama's memoir
Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama’s memoir

Note from BW of Brazil: When I first started watching Globo TV’s international channel, I remember very well that I didn’t see many black journalists, especially in the anchor’s chair of news programs. Truth be told, when I was able to watch a little of all of the country’s major television networks, I noticed the same standard. As such, when I did see a black face, I always wanted to know who they were. So, when I first started seeing Maria Júlia Coutinho doing short reports from the streets, I always remembered her name. Not only was she a clearly black woman, but a cutie at that! When she started moving up in the world of journalism, I made sure she had a place on this blog. When she became the first black woman weather girl on Globo TV’s top rated news journal, Jornal Nacional, her news became news for the readers of BW of Brazil. Unfortunately, her ascension to such a slot also brought out the racist haters that Brazil and President Jair Bolsonaro would have us believe don’t exist or are rarities

Wudn’t no thang; Maju, as she was nicknamed by one of the media’s top-paid journalists, William Bonner, after being shaken up a bit, just dusted off her shoulders and kept it moving. Since then, she’s anchored Jornal Nacional and was also named as a replacement to host the network’s top-rated Sunday evening news journal, Fantástico, a type of Brazilian version of America’s CBS network’s 60 Minutes program.

But as with anyone, even Maju has experienced temporary setbacks. A few years after the racist attacks she experienced with her debut as the weathergirl, she recently received bad news from a radio station. But again, whenever you fall, just get back up and some better will come along. I’m sure this is how Maju saw the recent news that was chosen to “become” former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama. Well, not exactly, but close.

I’ve said in the past that my feelings on the Obamas are a little complex. I understand their importance in history, but I also understand how things really work. It’s not necessary to get into that here, as this is Maju’s moment. So for those of you interested in listening or learning Portuguese, maybe you might wanna considering hearing it in the voice of Maju Coutinho!

Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama's memoir
Journalist Maju Coutinho will narrate Michelle Obama’s memoir

Globo TV journalist Maju Coutinho will lend her voice to the audiobook version of Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming”

Courtesy of MSN and Meu Estilo

A very successful journalist in Brazil, Maria Júlia “Maju” Coutinho recently received the sad news of her departure from Rádio Globo FM. After a strong investment in 2017, with the hiring of several artists, the group failed to obtain the return it desired and had to opt for mass layoffs. In spite of this frightening situation, the host ended up receiving pleasant news.

First, she was invited to cover fellow journalist Poliana Abritta’s vacation on the Sunday evening TV journal, Fantástico. And as if this opportunity weren’t enough, the Globo journalist used her social networks on Sunday, June 9th, to share great news with her fans. The hostess celebrated another great job as a speaker. Coutinho was invited to narrate the audiobook version of the biography of former American First Lady Michelle Obama, Becoming (released as Minha História in Brazil).

Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama's memoir
Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama’s memoir

Through her Instagram account, Maju shared the information and celebrated a new step in her career: “Imagine a person who inspires and strengthens you. Imagine now being able to tell the story of this inspiring person. I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity to give voice to Michelle Obama’s autobiography. The work Minha História will be released in audiobook in the next semester.”

In addition, Maju Coutinho took the opportunity to share an excerpt from the narration, in which Michelle Obama says she was the first black woman in various professional settings. Like the former first lady of the United States, the journalist also has a history full of achievements. She was the first black woman to command Jornal Nacional, the most important news program of all of Brazil.

obama book (Journalist Maju Coutinho will Narrate Michelle Obama's memoir)
Since its release, Michelle Obama’s memoir has sold more than 10 million copies

The book is a worldwide success. Since its release in September 2018, Becoming (Minha História) has sold more than 10 million copies and is among the most loved of Brazilian readers.

Bloomberg says the publication may be the most commercialized biography in history. “We believe this may be the most successful memoir of all time,” said Thomas Rabe, an executive at Bertelsmann, which controls Penguin Random House.

According to information, Penguin Random House paid about 65 million dollars for books written by the Obama couple. Barack’s memoirs are expected to be out by the end of this year.

Representation matters. The autobiography tells details of the life of the first black couple to live in the White House, but goes beyond. Michelle recalls her relationship with her family during Southside’s time in Chicago. She recounts how she met Barack Obama and the time they worked together in a law firm in the American city. In fact, she was the future president’s mentor.

With success, the first lady embarked on a successful tour of the United States and Europe to discuss race, politics, and education. “I have never met anyone so strong and honest. From the first moment I knew I could count on her,” Obama confided.

Source: MSN, Meu Estilo


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