Joice Mayara de Oliveira Silva, from the state of Tocantins, and the daughter of rural workers is sworn in as a Public Defender



Note from BW of Brazil: Sometimes it’s amazing how time flies. We were made aware of this young lady’s accomplishment when the news first broke a few months back. But as this site is dedicated to the race-related news from Brazil and black Brazilian women, other stories pushed her story to the back burner. Every week that went by this writer thought, “it’s time to put her story up” but then something else came up. Today I decided definitely to post her story and digging up the article I realized it happened back in February! Wow! Oh well. In a sense it doesn’t really matter; it may be six months after the fact but it’s still a story worth sharing. Anyway, congratulations to Joice Mayara de Oliveira Silva, another black Brazilian woman that’s doing her thing and showing that a mulher negra’s “place” is wherever she chooses it to be!

Young daughter of rural workers is sworn in as a Public Defender

Courtesy of AF Notícias

Joice Mayara de Oliveira Silva, 25, is the new Public Defender of the state of Tocantins
Joice Mayara de Oliveira Silva, 25, is the new Public Defender of the state of Tocantins

“Being a Public Defender is the realization of a dream, even more so in my state,” said the excited  Tocantins native Joice Mayara de Oliveira Silva, 25, from the  of Porto Nacional, during a swearing-in ceremony as Substitute Public Defender of Tocantins, held in Friday, January 30th, in the Superior Council of the Institution room in Palmas.

Accompanied by parents José Luis and Maria Dilma, her brothers José Augusto and Deyla Jordana and family, Joice Oliveira thanked her family for their support, and the reception of the Public Servants and Defenders of the institution. “I want to contribute to the growth of Public Defense in the state if Tocantins that has been highlighted throughout Brazil, always cited as one of the top five Public Defenders in the country.”


The new Public Defender says that she has fed this dream since she was seven years old, motivated by an uncle who works in the legal area. “Since childhood I have been interested in the area. At the time in which the edict was published, I was in the tenth period of college and this same uncle saw it and recommended that I register. I signed up and studied a lot because it was my dream and it was my state. My mother cheered me on from the beginning and always believed it would work out, mainly because it would be a way to return home. It worked out and now I’m back.”

State of Tocantins (in green)
State of Tocantins (in green)

Joice Oliveira is the daughter of rural workers and moved to Rio de Janeiro to study at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences of Ibmec through Prouni – Programa Universidade para Todos (University for All Program). “This is a very happy and great moment for our family. We know all the difficulties we face and we are sure that you will not stop here, as this is the beginning of a very successful career,” said Deyla Jordana, sister of the Public Defender.

The Public Defender of Tocantins state has 112 public defenders working to ensure access to justice, full and free, with humanized service and quality, to the entire Tocantins population. Starting Monday, February 2, Joice Oliveira will act in the municipality of Goiatins.


“The inauguration of a new member is a moment of reflection and joy. Each worker who enters the Public Defense is an energy that renews and strengthens us in the mission of bringing legal assistance to those in need. Our struggle as Public Defenders is not easy. Being a Public Defender is a vocation. Our institution is distinguished by humane care and, of course, it’s this vocational activity of the members that makes us one of the largest Public Defenders of Brazil. Welcome and I hope that the Public Defender is a second home for you,” said the general public defender, Marlon Amorim.

The president of ADPETO – Association of Public Defenders of Tocantins State, public defender Fábio Monteiro congratulated Joice Oliveira for her approval in the competition, highlighting the advances of the Public Defender in recent years. “Your Excellency enters in a different institution than I and other members that entered in 2007. We now have a stronger and more active institution, nationally recognized and I am sure you will also contribute to strengthening the Public Defender’s Office,” said the president.


The ceremony was also attended by the sub-defender of the general public, Alexandre Augustus Elias El Zayek, the superintendent of Finance, Luciene Dantas, of Public Defenders and Servants.

Source: AF Notícias

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