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DJ Pathy (Patrícia De Jesus), the woman who is simultaneously a DJ, actress and model, Pathy started out early in her battle for life, he started working at 13 years old and now reaps the fruits of all the effort and dedication with which she always did everything she intended to do.

In Rap, she had as a source of inspiration one of the best DJs we’ve ever had, DJ Primo*, in life Primo, or Alexander, was the man who made her see the world through different eyes.


Patricia was born in São PauloSão Paulo. She was discovered in 1994, a model of great national and international success, she was one of the first black Brazilian women to establish herself in this very competitive market. Her exotic beauty and strong personality came across well and soon Patricia took her talents to far away places: Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, Cape Town, Santiago, Buenos Aires. She starred in major ad campaigns for products such as Vaseline, Silk Keraforce, Sundown, McDonalds, Claro, Garnier, and Sol beer. Currently she is in a campaign for Dryzun (jewelry) and is the face of Relaxima line of hair treatment products, the professional products of Matrix – part of the L’Oréal group. 

She marched on the catwalks for the most important brands in the São Paulo Week and Fashion Rio, and also participated in fashion editorials for magazines like Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Nova, Raça Brasil, and Corpo a Corpo. In 2004 he was named one of the ten sexiest models in Brazil, according to the South African version of GQ Magazine.

She began to study acting in 2005. She made guest appearances in the novela Belíssima of the Globo TV network, participated in the trilogy Caminhos do Coração, of Record TV network, where she played the mutant Perpétua. Currently, she has a contract with SBT (network), where she will play the character of Alabá, in the remake of the novela, Uma Rosa Com Amor.

TV Roles

2005 – Belíssima  (as Celine)
2007 – Caminhos do Coração (as Perpétua Salvador)
2008 – Os Mutantes – Caminhos do Coração (as Perpétua Salvador)
2009 – Promessas de amor  (as Perpétua Salvador)
2010 – Uma Rosa Com Amor  (as Alabá)


Besides acting, the actress’s greatest passions are football, music and cooking. So much so that in her spare time, Patricia can be easily seen in any soccer stadium cheering for her team Santos Futebol Clube, DJing or cooking some of her favorite dishes.

Check out an interview Pathy of Jesus with Portal Rap Nacional (PRN)

PRN: What’s it like being a DJ in São Paulo?

And having a spot for this?! (Laughter) If I’m playing in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, NYC or in the backyard, being a dj is being a dj, you know. Responsibility and respect are still the same. It’s not like a cute outfit you exchange in accordance with the situation. And I personally, when I propose to do something, I go to the end. I dedicate myself to the fullest and have so much love for what I do.

PRN: As a model, you have worked outside of the country, as a DJ have already already initiated an international career?

Thank God, I had a very good career as a model. I worked a lot outside (of the country). As for music, I played in NYC in my last season there. This reflected very positively and opened doors for other things out there. I’m glad things are happening. But nothing comes for free, and I dedicate myself and battle a lot for this. I thank Boogieblind, Preservation and Mista Sinista for the incentive.

PRN: Who are your influences in Rap? Which names stand out currently in the female Hip Hop game?

My influences come long before rap. My influences were first my father, who was a DJ in the 70s. After him it was Primo, one of the most complete DJs I’ve ever heard play. I’m a fan of KLJay, DJ Hum and DJ Nuts. Of the foreignors, J-Rocc, Babu, Q-bert and Premier. Regarding the female MCs, I’m old-school. I like Queen Latifah, Ra Digga, Lauryn Hill.

PRN: Tell us a little about his career as a model and actress.

I was discovered in 1994 by top makeup artist and hairdresser Mauro Freire. I worked with Ford Models for 14 years, and during that time I starred in most of the products targeted to the black public: shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant … to sunscreen. I walked runways for major Brazilian designers and I did editorials for major fashion magazines. Outside Brazil my career was very good too. I worked in NY, Miami, Los Angeles, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Paris, Milan and Capetown.

I’ve been studying acting for four years, I’m just starting in spite of being in my 4th novela. 2 years ago I did an audition for the novela Caminhos do Coração, my first job in TV. Since then, I have devoted myself much to this. It’s my profession and I am completely in love with it.

PRN: You play Brazilian Rap when when you are DJing? Why?

I play any music that I like and mainly what I believe in. Without distinction. Currently, I like Kamau, Rincon, Emicida, Pentagon, Slim, Projeto Manada, Flora Matos, Nathy among others. Racionais (MCs) it’s always Racionais!

PRN: For the black woman has always been difficult to have a mirror on Brazilian television, today you are this mirror for many women who have spent years trying to find themselves in any of the characters in novelas and advertising campaigns. You feel the extent of this responsibility?

I believe that life has purpose. If God instructed me in this mission, I accept the responsibility and the only way to show my appreciation to Him is doing well what I intended to do. The rest is consequence. I wish they had more black women in this environment. I think things have even  improved but they are far from ideal.

PRN: Being a beautiful woman like you can facilitate some situations and may hinder others because of having to prove that you are not just a pretty face on the tables. Have you experienced prejudice because of your beauty or do they know how to differentiate Pathy De Jesus the model and actress from Pathy DJ?

Where I come from things never come on a silver platter.  I have always fought hard for what I wanted. I’ve worked since the age of 13. And honestly, I do not care what they think or say. I’m not here to prove anything to anyone but myself! I learned the painful lesson that life is too short and I have no time to waste, except with my battle to raise my level every day in everything that I propose to do.

PRN: What came first into your life first, Rap or DJ Primo? How did you come to know both?

My musical influence came from my father, who was a DJ in the 70s and he introduced me to all the musical knowledge that I carry and I use it when I’m playing today. Rap is my favorite musical style, but I don’t limit myself to it. Primo is way beyond that! Asking what came first in my life makes it appear that both have the same importance to me. The Primo is much higher and he has an altar in my heart. It has nothing to do with rap.

PRN: Who was Primo or Alexander in your, is there anything you didn’t get to tell him?

Alexandre M. Lopes is the most important person in my life. The man who made me see the world through different eyes. He made me believe in love, in fidelity, in harmonious coexistence. I matured, I became a more generous person, more determined, more patient and objective. Today he is my guardian angel. We are allies, I talk to him every day.

Patrícia with her late husband, DJ Primo

PRN: What are your future goals?

The same as always. I keep on fighting, no laziness. My focus for four years is my career as an actress, a hard career so I have dedicated myself to that alot. In relation to music, this is a love affair. And while there is love, I will continue to seek improvement, knowledge and share it with other people, playing for them, is the best feeling in the world.

PRN: What advice and tips can you give girls that have dreams of being a DJ or model?

The dream is only a dream until it becomes real. Go for it! And this happens with determination, hard work and persistence. Follow your heart, act with truth. And be honest with yourself, ask yourself if you really have talent for it. As it may seem impossible, the time comes. I am an example of this.

PRN: Send a shout out to the women who logon to the portal Rap Nacional.

You are powerful! You are warriors! You are beautiful! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

* – DJ Primo was a popular Brazilian DJ based in the city of São Paulo. Originally from the southern state of  Paraná, he moved to São Paulo in 2002 and would go on to work with various Brazilian rappers including Marcelo D2, Rappin’ Hood, MC Cindy, the duo Helião & Negra Li as well as American artists Afrika Bambaataa and Lyrics Born. DJ Primo and Patrícia De Jesus were married for five years until he died after going into cardiac arrest in September of 2008. According to some sources, his death came about due to complications from pnemonia. DJ Primo was 28 years old.  

Source: Rap Nacional
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