Interview with actress Elina de Souza who will appear in new Record TV novela ‘Slave Mother’

entrevista com a atriz elina de souza
entrevista com a atriz elina de souza

Entrevista com a atriz Elina de Souza

Note from BW of Brazil: In today’s feature, we bring you an interview with the actress Elina de Souza. Over the past several years she has been steadily building her professional resume and you may remember her face from the Globo TV novela Em Família which we discussed back in June of last year. That post dealt with the problematic roles as portrayed by Afro-Brazilian actors. Without even focusing on her upcoming role, as mentioned in another post, we already have a problem with Elina’s new soap opera. Escrava Mãe, meaning ‘slave mother’ is set to feature numerous black actors and actresses, continuing Brazil’s long tradition of novelas set in the slave era. But, as that is not the focus today, let learn a little about the actress in her own words. 

Interview with actress Elina de Souza who will appear in Record TV novela Escrava Mãe

By Marcos Barros

Our interview is with the actress Elina de Souza who is preparing to debut in Escrava Mãe, the new novela (soap opera) of Record TV. Check it out:

Marcos Barros: Give me a short summary about yourself.

Elina de Souza: Eldest daughter of four siblings and an affectionate aunt. I have a degree in Performing Arts at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) and a postgraduate in Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations. I love music, and in my free time I play at being an athlete: I run. A determined, sensitive and realistic person.

Marcos Barros: When did you start your career as an actress?

Elina de Souza: In fact, the theater has always been present in my life. There was a man named Sebastião, who lived down the street from my parents’ house and he, instinctively, and more because of his liking, he brought kids together to do theater. Of course at that time I had no intention of pursuing a career, but at school, I was always the first to be called for the scenes. Years later, as an adult, in fact I surrendered myself to drama taking part in some workshops and some theater groups, such as Raízes and Atenas, for example.

Entrevista com a atriz Elina de Souza (2)

Marcos Barros: Tell us a little of what it was playing the Neidinha character next to the actor Rafael Zulu Theo where he played the character Théo in the novela Em família on Rede Globo (TV).

Elina de Souza: Having had the opportunity to do my first novela, was already simply wonderful! And then to be able to interpret Neidinha, a character with a fairly dense dramatic weight and who lived through the sad experience of a sexual assault, was a huge learning experience. Meeting and working with Zulu was, indeed, all the best! He is a super good person that helps, gives advice, and is mega fun.

Marcos Barros: Besides the novel Em Família, what other role gave you a great highlight him in your professional career?

Elina de Souza: I think two characters very striking: Sônia, a Nelson Rodrigues character in the Valsa Nº 6, developed at the end of the theater course at UFMG; a character with a very disturbed psychological profile in a transition phase from girl to woman, and that one sees faced with life and death without knowing exactly who you are and where you are. I also played Laura, shallow, superfluous, but very friendly and that sees herself a situation where she needs to revise her concepts when her best friend confides in her that her son is a drug user. As you can see, two completely different characters. I loved playing them!

Marcos Barros: In your opinion, the cast producer of a station, would know how to best choose the actor if you were present in the recordings of the videos for an audition? What is your idea regarding this?

Elina de Souza: I think so. He is present to be able to explore a thousand possibilities within the proposal that he seeks and knows. Of course, this would take more time, but I think it is also important to focus on quality rather than quantity. Thus gaining time and competent professionals.

Entrevista com a atriz Elina de Souza (3)

Marcos Barros: In addition to the amazing films that in which you are participating, we learned that you will be part of the new novela cast of Record TV’s Escrava Mãe, tell us how this invitation was and how it feels to again be shining with all your talent on the small screen?

Elina de Souza: It is very important to note here that I participated in an audition as several other actresses and I’m very happy to have been selected and can be part of this cast that is wonderful. Imagine the privilege of being next to Zezé Motta, Neuza Borges and other great actors!? And the feeling is the best possible. I can’t wait to get to work, to live new experiences, to find and make new friends. That’s really good!

Upcoming Record TV novela 'Escrava Mãe'
Upcoming Record TV novela ‘Escrava Mãe’, meaning ‘slave mother

Marcos Barros: Which works leave you most nostalgic?

Elina de Souza: It’s hard to say. Each has its importance, its peculiarity, its mission. Each one, in some way, touched someone and me.

Marcos Barros: Tell us a little about your new projects.

Elina de Souza: Right now, while we take a break in the recordings of the film Pedro, um amor escrito nas estrelas (Pedro, a love written in the stars), I’m focused on the novela, reading the chapters, understanding the story and getting to know my character. I’m preparing myself to begin the work.

Marcos Barros: What would you say as an incentive for people looking for their place, whether on TV, cinema or theater?

Elina de Souza: I always say to fight for your dreams, nothing is impossible, however always with your feet on the ground, focus and determination on what it is you seek and more importantly, without glamour. The path is not easy (for some it really can be, for endless reasons), but overall it’s a lot of struggle.

Marcos Barros: In your opinion, is acting a technique or gift? Or are we already born with all this?

Elina de Souza: I believe it is a combination of both. The technique is learned, but it takes skill to develop it. As a person who had no contact with the technique, but the experience, stimuli and practice, coupled with the ability makes this person be successful in what they propose to do.

Marcos Barros: For us at JM News Magazine it’s an honor to interview an artist like you. If anyone wants to contract you, how do they proceed?

Elina de Souza: I am grateful for the invitation and for the opportunity to talk a little about myself.

Contact and contracting

Dany Fonseca (21) 3165-9777/(21) 99542-2221


Source: JM News Magazine

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  1. Sigh.. but why does it have to be a “slave mother” role? It’d not that I’m against this. Jews make a very good case that you need to make people give attention to your wounds. But we must have more. What blacks are striving for, I think is positive examples. Scientists, inventors, writers, we have them all, and too few movies about them.

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