In video from the state of Espírito Santo, black woman having a psychological breakdown seen being punched, kneed in face by Military Police

In the state of Espirito Santo, black woman seen being aggressively assaulted by military police

Note from BBT: In Brazil for the past week or so, there have been a string of shocking incidents that have made headlines. Well, to be truthful, I can’t really say shocking because, as I’ve been covering Brazil for so long, none of these events should be considered beyond the norm. I’ve be covering these events one by one starting with the incident I’m covering today.

Police behaving badly in Brazil, as I’ve repeated for some time, is something that is pretty common. Stopping citizens out of ‘’suspicion’’, violent stops, aggressive actions and flying bullets that care not who they strike seem to happen daily across the country. The people usually on the receiving end of such treatment are usually people who are black or brown.

Even knowing this, it’s particularly revolting when you see such treatment given to women. So, when the video at the center of this latest controversy went viral and I saw the brute force used against this black woman, all I could wonder was…again…why? But then again, knowing the long history of military police brutality against the black and brown population, why ask why? It just is….another example of what being black means in Brazil.

In the state of Espirito Santo, black woman seen being aggressively assaulted by military police

Woman assaulted by Military Police officer in Espírito Santo with punches and knees

The Military Police Inspector General’s Office announced the opening of an investigation into the case

Courtesy of iG Último Segundo

A military police officer was filmed assaulting a black woman in the municipality of Guarapari, in Espírito Santo. The case was registered last Saturday (25), but gained more repercussion on Tuesday (28) with the circulation of a video that recorded the aggressions.

According to a report, the Military Police of the state said that the agents were called to give support to the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) because the woman was having an aggressive psychiatric outburst. But what the images show is the police officer punching and kneeing the woman, before detaining her on the ground with the help of a colleague.

Given the repercussions of the case, the Military Police informed that the Inspector General’s Office opened an investigation to investigate the conduct of the officers. The institution didn’t inform, however, if the agents will be or have already been removed from the force.

Through Twitter, the state governor, Renato Casagrande, called the fact “unacceptable”. “I determined the General Command of the Military Police to rigorously investigate and take immediate action regarding the events recorded in Guarapari, last Saturday, which had the videos released today. The conduct in evidence does not represent the values of our police,” wrote Casagrande.

The video (contains strong images) with the aggressions was shared by the coordinator of the Homeless Workers Movement, Guilherme Boulos (PSOL). On Instagram, the political leader classified the case as an example of “racism, cowardice and feeling of impunity.

Note from BBT: The video went of the assault went viral with numerous every day and famous Brazilians speaking out on aggression, two of whom were actresses Juliana Alves and Cris Vianna.

julianaalvesiam What is the role of the police? To serve and protect? A lady who needed help was punched and kicked in a criminal approach by the Military Police of Espirito Santo.

This kind of police does not represent all police. But certainly, the impunity in these cases compromises the function that the corporation should exercise!

Until when will the black population be subjected to this kind of treatment by the police?

Does anything justify such violence?

What police do we need? What can and should be done in cases like this?

crisvianna It’s too painful for us to have to talk about such a horrible case. A black woman, having a psychiatric outburst, in need of medical help, is instead assaulted. Is there anything that justifies such violence against a defenseless lady? Once again, we see how flawed the state is when it comes to black people. This is, unfortunately, one more case among many others that happen every day. Justice must be done.

Source: iG Último Segundo

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  1. Police should not be handling these calls it always end in abuse or death of the person. They see violence as the only method to resolve anything, all they know how to do is to use violent action on citizens. Look at the hatred and vileness in how they handled her, even throwing dirt in her eyes. That woman appears to be a senior citizen and I hope someone deal their asses the same blows when they get old, as a matter of fact I declare it, so as they do so it shall return to them ten fold.

    She or someone close to her needs to file a lawsuit. So despicable on every single level especially since the woman was not even being physically violent to anyone there, they literally sought her out when she was so far away from them to abuse her. You can see and feel the pleasure they took in abusing her. Sick creatures, sick creations from the depths of Satan’s bowels, cause that is the only way they could have gotten on Earth, Satan shit them out.

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