In video, Catholic priest in Niterói, Brazil, caught having sexual relations with a minor

Video image shows a nude priest in intimate moments

Victim reveals that priest would preside over mass after sexual relations

It was six years of a abusive relationship that the girl, now 19 years old, wants to forget. With Father Emilson Soares Corrêa, charged with raping a minor, the victim decided to talk about her drama that began at age 13.

Video scene of priest kissing young girl

“I felt disgusted. He should never have done that to me. The worst (thing) is that he had sex with me and then celebrated Mass, he put wafers in the mouth of others,” the teen revealed.

The relationship began when Emilson was pastor of the Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito (Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict), in the Cubango region of Niterói, a city across the bridge from Rio de Janeiro. Then, when she moved to her mother’s house in São Goncalo, the priest was also transferred to a nearby parish, the Nossa Senhora do Amparo(Our Lady of Protection) in the Antonina neighborhood.

It was in the rectory of the two churches the priest abused her, his goddaughter of baptism. To convince her to stay with him, the priest offered gifts:

“Soon after my baptism when I was 13, he started the abuse. He put his hand on my body, offered me several gifts, we took baths together…The sexual act began when I was about 15, 16 years old. He said he’d give me a motorcycle, then a car, fixed my house…”

Emilson Soares Corrêa was indicted for the rape of the sister of the young teen who decided to talk. The girl, now 10, was abused when she was 7.

Father Emilson Soares Corrêa hid his face after leaving the police station

The press had access to a video made by the older victim, showing Emilson having sex with a teenager in the church rectory. According to the victim, who revealed the situation to denounce the priest, the girl was 15 years old.

The complaint was brought to the police station by the girls’ father. According to him, it was his ex-wife who caught her oldest daughter arguing with the priest. On occasion, she revealed to her mother that she had had sexual relations with her godfather.

Ubiratan Homsi with his 10 year old daughter, one of Corrêa’s victims
“When I heard that my oldest daughter was being abused, I asked the younger one if something had happened to her. She said that during a trip…when she was seven, the priest touched her private parts,” he said.
The priest has been suspended by the Archdiocese
Regarding the complaint, the Archdiocese of Niterói reports that it has decided in favor of the “temporary suspension of the priest.” Currently, the priest is not responsible for any parish. The organ also claimed in a statement that the complaint is being investigated and that “the priest himself brought the denouncement to the attention of the Attorney General, in order to investigate the veracity or otherwise of the same (denouncement).”

Emilson Soares Corrêa confessed to having maintained sexual relations with the oldest of the sisters but only when she reached the age of 18 in 2012. The chief of police, Marta Dominguez, said that she only expects a testimony from the father of the victims to close the investigation. The priest was sought by phone through four telephone numbers, including those he cited in his testimony, but he was not found.

Subtitles: Without knowing that he was being filmed, priest is kissed and kisses two girls in parish rectory (The scenes of explicit sex were edited out). In video, the priest is heard saying: “I like seeing this”, while a girl is heard saying “Then give me a kiss too.”

Source: Yahoo! Notícias, Notícias Rio Brasil

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  1. This is so unfortunate and sickening! Those young women and girls will never be able to forget this, but I hope that with hope that can move forward positively.

  2. Fucking idiot Priest, why the Fuck did he become a priest, where is the death sentence for these useless people who try to ruin young innocent lives…If it was one of my family member, I'd smash all his front teeth with a hammer…sorry for swearing, but am so angry at such culprits.

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