In the northeastern state of Paraíba in 2010, 1,329 blacks were murdered compared to 49 whites; a rate of 27 times higher

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Sign: For the end of the extermination of black youth

More blacks die in Paraíba, according Map of Violence report

by Camila Alves

The number of black homicide victims in the northeastern state of Paraíba is more than 25 times higher than white victims, according to a report entitled Mapa da Violência (Map of Violence). To get an idea, 1,329 blacks were murdered in 2010 in comparison to 49 whites. According to the study, this scale will most likely grow further in coming years, as there are progressive decreases in deaths of whites and, in turn, increases in the blatant murders of blacks. Afro-Brazilians make up 58.5% of the population of Paraíba.

For the coordinator of the Organização de Mulheres Negras na Paraíba (Bamidelê – Organization of Black Women in Paraíba) Terlúcia Silva, what happens in Paraiba is not an isolated phenomenon and is due to institutionalized prejudice in society.

“Because of racism, black people can’t have the same rights as others and so too have the worst social indicators,” she said.

According to Terlúcia, in communities the majority of residents are composed of blacks. “And what is offered in this place? Many end up getting involved in (drug) trafficking because they have no other choice. As a result, the labor market does not absorb these people,” said the activist, emphasizing that they lack public policies to address this inequality, which contributes to violent deaths.

Source: Jornal da Paraíba

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